Wisteria Writer Tag


I was (unofficially) tagged for the Wisteria Writer Tag by Lilly over at Living by Chapters! Check her blog out its quite fabulous!

The Rules

Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Answer the ten questions asked.

Add ten (writing or book related) of your own.

Nominate ten people.

The Questions and My Answers

1. When did you start writing and why?

The earliest piece of writing I have is when I was 6, in which I was writing the story of my life up to that point in my young life. I remember reading the biography of Mark Twain before that and deciding that the world would not be complete without a biography of next Mark Twain! So that was the humble beginning of my writing venture :) 

2. What/who inspired you to begin writing?

Well, like I said in the above answer, Mark Twain was (and continues to be) inspiration for the beginning of my writing. But I also owe credit to Jules Verne, Jack London and of course Martha Finely.

3. What are your favorite genres to write about?

I find that I enjoy writing war fantasy and contemporary romance the most. I also really enjoy writing inspirational, contemporary fiction. An odd combination is it not?

4. What books do you hope to publish in the future, and/or have already published?

Well I certainly want to see A Queen is Knighted in print someday, but I also have a fantasy short story (The Doors of the Kingdoms) and a romance novel (A Ring’s Worth) than I would like to see published too, but those will be after A Queen is Knighted.

5. Have you inspired anyone to start writing?

I have offered many suggestions and tips to several different girls who have thought of writing books and to my knowledge they have taken off with it, so I suppose that I have:)

6. What is the best compliment you have ever received on one of your pieces of writing?

When it comes to my fiction, the best compliment was that “I have a natural gift of plotting”. But the compliment that always comes to mind, that was the most meaningful to me was about my writing in general, I was told by a very special family member that “I have a very good grasp of the English language” and it meant a lot to hear that.

7. What is the best book/story you have ever written?

Best? As in most popular or my personal favorite? My most popular would be my Chess stories but my personal favorite would be A Queen is Knighted, and The Doors of the Kingdoms.

8. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Don’t be scared of a sloppy first draft! Its going to be terrible I promise! You’re going to read over it and want to throw it away but that’s what the editing process is for. If you edit as you go the book will never get finished because you’ll pour all of your time and energy into making it look perfect before it’s even finished. Take it from me, that’s why I’m going on 4 years of writing A Queen is Knighted and it’s not even finished.

9. Which authors do you hope to meet someday?

I would really like to meet two of my many writing mentors, Norma Horton and Cindy Vincent. Though we’ve only spoken through email I would absolutely love to one day meet them both and just have coffee and pick their brains:-)

10. Where do you hope to be as a writer in 10 years?

I would love to be a published author, but I really hope to be an established editor or literary agent in 10 years.

My Questions:

  1. If you could have the life of any main character in any book, who would you become?
  2. Do you prefer reading books in 1st or 3rd person?
  3. Do you prefer writing books/stories in 1st or 3rd person?
  4. Do you have a music playlist for when reading or writing? What does it mainly consist of?
  5. Which author stands out to you as having one of the most unique writing styles? What makes it unique to you?
  6. Do you prefer physical copies or ebooks when reading and which would you like to see your future masterpiece as?
  7. Is your favorite spot to write outside with the breeze gently cooling your face or inside, curled up comfortable on your bed?
  8. Tell us a little bit about your current writing project.
  9. Do you enjoy writing romance scenes or would you rather avoid them at all costs?
  10. Write a one paragraph story using the 3 following words: Pun, Sparks, and Jaywalk.

My Nominees!

Hallie @Hallie Sadler

Suzy @Craftzncraziness

Alyssa @writinganyone

And any other writers who I may have failed to remember! (I follow so many different blogs, all of them amazing by the way, I just have a hard time remembering names and links…..)

Thank you again Lily and I hope my nominees enjoy answering the (tough) questions:)


Giveaway Winners!

I had a lot of entrees for the giveaway and I’m so excited to announce the winners!

Winner Number One is………….



Lol way to go Suzy, I told you that you entered in the nick of time😉 Better choose your prize:)

Winner Number Two is………….



Congrats Alyssa! According to your comment you won a copy of The Maze Runner but you are welcome to change that if you saw something else:)

Winner Number Three is……………


T Kenzie!

Awesome job MaK, you have won a copy of The Cloak of the Light, but you are still welcome to change your mind if you so desire:)

Alright winners, you all have until July 7th to claim/inform me of your prizes and email me your mailing address, otherwise new winners will be drawn! Congratulations to each of you and a huge thanks to all of my followers and each of the participants. You guys rock!

*All winners were drawn randomly by an app on my phone (called Random Name Picker).

Literature Approved Book List



The Liebster Award

Once again, I’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award and I really liked these questions from thelittlegirl over at thelittlegirlaround so I decided to go ahead and do it again! Thanks so much thelittlegirl😉


P.S. That flower is not supposed to look that scary….I guess it changed because I have a black background…..anyways….

Below the questions and my answers:)

1. What is your one true fandom of all time?

Honestly….I’m pretty hard core about the Jurassic Park series, but I’m also a crazy fan about Independence Day (watching the sequel this weekend *squeels*) and guilty of the Ice Age Movies…

2. How is your blog so far?

I’d say my blog is doing great! As I recently posted, I’ve reached 100 followers in addition to celebrating 4 years here on Accelerate The Jesus Movement!

3. What are your current interests as of the moment?

Current interests….hmmm…..I’m going to go with my sewing projects and the book I’ve been writing, A Queen is Knighted. When I’m not working on book reviews or running around with my friends, those usually dominate my spare time. (Oh..and divulging unholy amounts of time into the TV series White Collar)

4. Who is your favorite singer/artist/band?

*Sheepish smile*…..well…..my family and very close friends probably just burst out laughing and began shouting his name so I’m debating on whether or not I even need to say it………Okay I can’t resist….HUNTER HAYES! He’s pretty cool😉

5. What do you like about him/her/them the most?

What I like the most about Hunter is that he is genuine when he preforms and his songs are usually encouraging to his fans or are reflection of his own life. He’s also modest and not power hungry like so many other artists out there. I also love that he started singing and preforming publicly when he was like 4 and I still watch those videos cause they’re so darn cute! (Seriously though, if you want to watch a 4-6 year old blonde cajun play the accordion, sing, and flat out own the stage, Youtube “Hunter Hayes when young”. You won’t be able to handle the cuteness!)

6. Quote a line from your favorite book.

“Hi there, my name’s Huck. You wouldn’t know about me without having read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. That was written by Mr. Mark Twain, and mostly, he told the truth.”

That may not be perfectly quoted, but its the first line and I promise, it is quoted from memory *another sheepish grin*. I’ve read it multiple (multiple) times:) I’m sure you can guess which book it it😉

7. Upload a picture of your today’s outfit.

Yea…let’s not lol. Its nothing fancy, sweat pants and an overly large tank top and a sloppy pony tail. That’s about it:)

8. In the mood for ______.

10 million dollars? A black 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat with hot pink pinstripes, underglow, a pair of 12s and subs pounding in the back? I guess I could just go for chocolate but I feel that that is too cliche….

9. What do you do when you want to escape reality?

Read pretty much anything. Listen to all of my music. Write for endless hours. Watch White Collar…

10. What is the craziest and weirdest thing you have ever done in your life?

This could be any number of things I’ve placed in my mouth…So I’ll give you 3 options and you can choose..

  1. I ate a *red* fruit snack off the floor of Whataburger while at camp. It was under a booth and still squishy so I figured it hadn’t been there too long….the probabilities of it having been stepped on were also considerably low…
  2. I used my finger to “lick” the cream from a Cinnabon Delight (probably the best food ever created; found only at the one and only Taco Bell) off the floor at my youth group. I had taken a bite of the little piece of heaven and the filling squirted onto the floor in the hallway. I couldn’t let it go to waste!
  3. I ate a yellow Nerd out of the floor of a car….more specifically….my sister’s car….that she had just purchased….that was very dirty…..that we were cleaning out…the previous owner’s germs and possessions………my sister almost vomited upon watched me preform this act. But I must say, it was still quite delicious😉

My Nominees and Questions! 

Honestly, everyone I would normally nominate has already been nominated for this award so I’m going to make it an open nomination for anyone who would like to answer the following questions! If you do take this nomination, leave a link to your post in the comments so you can get some traffic off of my blog😉 Here are the questions!

  1. Are you a fan of audio books? If so, which are your favorites to listen to?
  2. Quick! First song that popped into your head!
  3. The most fun activity you’ve done this summer so far?
  4. Would you rather be thrown into a lake with big catfish or into a mud pit?
  5. Any recommendations for books to read this summer?
  6. Most recent CD you’ve purchased and favorite song off that CD?
  7. Would you rather be jet skiing on a lake or snorkeling in the ocean?
  8. Ever been to a concert? Who’s? And were you fangirling the whole time?
  9. Do you enjoy outdoor parties (with random sports contests) or indoor parties (group games, dance offs etc.)
  10. Last question……..what do you want this question to be and how would you answer?

Thanks so much for reading and again for the nomination!!!

Only 2 Days Left! And Perfect Timing….

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{Giveaway Details}

*Later today, I have some good ideas for a fun post celebrating my blogaversary so keep your eyes peeled:)

Giveaway for 100 Followers!

You guys, I am so excited (and stunned) to announce that Accelerate The Jesus Movement has reached 100 followers! It seems like only yesterday when I was working so hard to get 30 followers to be a part of a blogging program and now you’ve exceeded all of my expectations!

As a huge thank you to all of you, from my very first follower to my most recent, I want to partner up with Literature Approved and host a giveaway. How this will work, is I will have 3 winners who can choose any book that has been reviewed on Literature Approved* and I will purchase a brand new copy and send it to them!

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Further Giveaway Instructions:

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*To view the potential prizes; please visit Literature Approved and scroll through the pages of your favorite genre (bearing in mind that any products and/or movies do not count as prizes!)


Everyone has a chance at 10 entrees total and just like my previous giveaways, I ask that you please comment on this post claiming which entrees you are entitled to; that worked out really well the last few times. The 3 winners will be randomly drawn according to an app on my phone.

Good luck to you all and thank you sooooooo much for all of your support!

CWWC 2016 Results

Wow, I can’t believe May is already over! It went by so fast with so much activity that it seems like June really snuck up on me!


But the end of May means the end of CWWC, and though I had an absolute blast with all of my wonderful teammates, I am glad to have a break from the computer! Every 3 days is really a lot after a month of doing so and I’ll NOT be blogging near as often in the coming weeks, (hence not blowing up your emails). This has to do (partly) with me not having anything lined up to blog about and (partly) because I will be camping and traveling for the next couple weeks.

But all of that aside, I’m sure you’re dying to know how I did in the Creating Worlds Writing Camp; so, without further ado, I present to you my team results blog button……..


There were 4 participating teams, so, I am proud to say that we did NOT get last place, but neither did we win. We did all have a ton of fun and we did manage to gain some fame by racking in some serious points the last 2 rounds which is undoubtedly the reason for coming out of dead last. I am glad that I was a part of Team Half-Blood and I can’t wait for next year!

Thank you Loren for hosting this fabulous month! And thank you Team Half-Blood for helping make this month a very memorable one! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you girls!




WOW. Already the last challenge and let me just start off by saying how proud I am of my team. Last challenge we had several members include all 24 of the prompts and made a ridiculous comeback! Don’t count us half-bloods out of the race yet!

So, for this last challenge, since we haven’t pulled ahead completely, I’m going to do another brand new story, this time using all 27 prompts. So…yeah…brace yourselves:-)

Daydreams and Bad Memories

d53a13374d4c475534ac44f2ea7f28bfIt is cunning, they told us. It is brave. It is brutal. It is relentless. And it is hunting us, at least, that’s what they said. I never believed them. Never had reason to, that is, until he went missing.


Logan’s disappearance was all over the headlines. It was the talk of the town. The talk of the state even. And because of his disappearance, I finally believed in the faeries.


They were rumored to be giants of an almost translucent epidermis. Roaming the woods around the graveyard, devouring anyone who dared enter their domain, they were almost considered ghosts. But no one had ever seen them and lived to tell the tale, so I dismissed them as nothing but folklore.


The stories always started the same; No one ever comes back if they stray past the border, what lies beyond is unknown and deadly. 


These stories were believed by everyone so intensely that a sign was even posted at the edge of the forest next to the graveyard. Here be faeries it read, for people believed that they inhabited the forest and simply hunted the graveyards.


This is where the term haunted came from; and unusually, most people associate the term to houses. But not all haunted places are houses, I actually know of more graveyards that are considered haunted than I do of houses.


But there is one spooky house in particular that has rightfully earned the title of Haunted House. It’s the house that Logan lived in. Well, the one that he lived in before he disappeared. It had locks on every door, and also on every door, were the words “The World’s Not Safe Anymore” on the inside and out.


Logan was one of the people who believed in the faeries. He called himself a Ferryman, telling me that Mirrors are passages to fantastic worlds, guarded by creatures called the Ferryman.  I never understood that. Was he calling himself a “creature” and talking about actual mirrors? Or was it a riddle?


Mirror Lake is located not far from the Faerie Forest and is famous for being the shallowest lake in all the world. It spreads for miles and miles but only comes up to one’s knees, never drains, and never gets deeper. And at night, the most beautiful and exotic fireflies come from no where. It has always been a mystery.


One night, by only the light of a candle, I went to Mirror Lake thinking that Logan wanted me to go there. But when I got to the place that the lake was supposed to have been, I never found water. It was as if the lake had dried up completely, but I knew it was impossible.


Taking more steps as I spun around, confused of where I was, I felt myself falling. For a split second, the feeling knocked me off balance and I fell to my hands and knees. I knew I hadn’t stepped in a hole so I looked up in confusion; and my breath stopped when I saw daylight. I was in a warm forest.

Prompt 3

I panicked and rolled away from the strange tree that was not there before and almost lost consciousness when I felt a wave of dizziness. Landing back on my stomach, I blinked a few times before I examined my surroundings. They had changed again. I was now laying on asphalt in ice.


My breathing sped up and I jolted to my feet. Once standing, I was back in the empty lake. I was freaking out so I ran. I ran straight towards the graveyard, my feet slapping the concrete path.


Suddenly, right in front of me on the path, a tombstone rose out of the ground. I slowed to a stop and read the words. “Here lies a man who was not of this earth” then below those words it had a name. Logan Johnson.


At the name, I startled out of my daydream. I was alone in the classroom, again. Logan Johnson. His name was always in my thoughts and in the center of my daydreams, but not usually in these types of stories. In fact, I had never had a daydream turn scary on me like that, they were mostly feel good stories that I wished would come true.


Looking down at my desk, I saw my writing assignment for the week. It was one sentence, “She needed a hero, so that’s what she became”. I rolled my eyes, it was so cliche. I hated these writing assignments because I knew I was so much better than what they allowed me to be.


“Since you’re still here and all, you wanna help me with my writing assignment?”

I jumped at the voice behind me and turned to see who it belonged to.

Logan Johnson stood in the doorway leaning on the doorframe, that stupid smirk that always made my heart jump, plastered to his face.

“I-I-I can’t help you.”


“Why not? I’v read your stories, they’re pretty darn amazing. I could really use your help.”

“B-b-because, you know who I am. I can’t help you.”


“Look, I don’t care about all that family feud business. You’re good at writing, I’m bad, I need help and I need it by this Friday. You’re the only one in this class that I’m interested in asking for help from.”

“Okay. What was your assignment?”

He walked over and laid the picture on my desk. It was a girl reading to a very pretty dragon in front of a huge waterfall.


“Where do you wanna start?” I asked, suddenly aware of how close he stood to me.

“I don’t know, can you start it the way you started your story of the girl with the blue butterflies? I really liked that one.”

My mouth fell open, “You read that one?”

He smiled, “Yeah, I did. Wasn’t supposed to, but I did anyways.”


I shook my head and let the matter fall, “So like I opened my butterfly story? Like with her talking to the butterflies? Except with a dragon?”



I grabbed a pencil and wrote down on the paper he laid in front of me, “She called out his name in the silence like he would actually hear, like he would actually care.


“That can be from the book she’s reading to the dragon right?” He asked, surprisingly being able to read my mind. I nodded.

“Cool, make the book she’s reading be medieval with bows and swords.” Again I nodded and added.

Peeking around the house with bow in hand, she watched his fading figure disappear from view, longing to bring him back.” 


“What’s this?” he interrupted my train of thought, holding a box.

Recognizing my *supposed to be* hidden memory box, I turned red and answered quietly, “It’s my memory box.”

“Why does it say ‘bad memories’?”

“Because most of the memories are bad.”

“Can I look in it? Or do you want me to put it back?”

“You can look in it. I don’t care.”


The first thing he pulled out was a picture of me and my two sisters. I was in the middle, not looking very happy because I hadn’t wanted to take the picture at the time.

“Why is this a bad memory?”

“Because both of my sisters died.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

I shrugged. “It’s okay, ya get used to it after a while.”


The next thing he pulled out was a jar half-filled with that sour sugar powder that I used to love eating.

“Is that-?”

“Sour sugar? Yes.”

“How on earth can that be a bad memory?”

“That jar was the first thing I ever stole. It was so easy that it started a chain reaction and eventually, before that jar was ever gone, I ended up in jail for a whole 3 days. It was torture.”

He just blinked and set the jar down on the desk.


The next thing he examined was a piece of paper that had the two sentences that often haunted me written on it. She leaned over the edge of the roof and inhaled deeply. The air was more fresh up there and the moon and stars seemed brighter and she finally looked free.

After he finished reading it, he looked at me and raised an eyebrow, expecting me to explain.

Sighing, I gave in to his wonder, “That was what ran through my mind 3 seconds before my sister fell off the roof. She died that night. She was really sick and never got to do anything; I talked her into getting on the roof because it would make her feel better. And I was right. But she died.”

His whole demeanor changed and he set the box down.

“Ashley, you’re amazing. I know you probably don’t realize it because of how clouded your mind is, but you are. To anyone who would ever look in that box, they would think everything was fine and dandy and that you have tons of amazing memories and you know what? You do. Yes they seem to end badly and its okay to be sad, but if you focus on the good part of those memories, instead of the bad, I bet you’d feel better.

The picture of you and your sisters; look at their facial expressions. You can see how much they love you and you can feel their feelings of the moment.” A weak smile grazed my lips as I studied the picture.

“The sour sugar; come-on you’ve got to smile every time you imagine that amazing taste!” The smile grew and I turned away to stifle a giggle.

“And that memory of your sister, finally feeling free. Yeah, it may rip your heart out every time you think about how she died, but if you remember what you wrote down; that she finally felt free; that you helped her do something that she loved; that will make you smile.

Don’t dwell on the bad Ashley. Live off the good!”

With tears in my eyes I looked back at him and threw my arms around his neck. He really had no idea what his words had just freed in me.