Youth For The Nations

As I said in my last post, I went to YFN about 1 week ago. This post is going to be pretty detailed about my week!

Monday morning at 10:30 was when we left. We, meaning the youth group, were all assigned car partners for the entire week. In my car, also in my room, were some pretty hilarious people! I did not know Ashley and Tyler very well before we went to camp. Actually, to tell the truth, I did not know them at all! Now, we are all pretty good friends! My sister, MaKenzie, was also in my room and car.

Mrs. Maribeth was our youth leader and she was awesome! But, I do think all of us girls scared her pretty bad. She thought she knew us, until she lived with us for a week! We all enjoyed pulling pranks on her (and each other!) all week!

I am not bragging or anything, but, Mrs Maribeth said that our room was the best! She was always telling us how good we were and that we were the best! Even when I short-sheeted her bed!

My favorite part about camp was the evening services. The speakers this year were Elijah Waters, Reggy Dabbs, and Jacey Jennings. I loved every thing that each of them said and all of their sermons spoke to my heart. However, there is always one person that makes you laugh more than the others, understand better, and just makes you want to listen to him all day! Well, Reggy Dabbs is that person!  He was, in my opinion, the funniest speaker this year at YFN!

I also liked the morning services and worship a whole lot too. The song that spoke to me the most was Break Every Chain. I don’t know who wrote it, but, there is nothing but truth in that song! In the song it says, “There is power in the Name of Jesus, to break every chain” and I believe that with all my heart! I really love that song!

I had the best time this year at Youth For The Nations thanks to my youth pastors! They are the best!


4 thoughts on “Youth For The Nations”

  1. Rayleigh,
    I am awed at the long woman you are becoming! I am very proud of you for digging deep inside and discovering who YOU are, and not what the world tells you that you should be!

    Keep up the good work! and Accelerate the Jesus Movement

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