The Lake!

Yesterday, we went to Lake Holbrook in Mineola with our cousins, Payton and Hallie, and my Uncle Jason. We took our green jetski, a watermelon, cokes, and some lunch! We all had a blast!

I was driving the jetski and pulling a tube with Payton on it, I was going about 35 mph and he was still saying to go faster (if you have never ridden on a tube before, 35 mph is really fast!)! So, I took a really sharp turn, which would through the tube outside of the wake and get some pretty good speed. Well, right when the tube hit the wake, it got up on the side of the tube and just rolled and flipped Payton right off of it! At first I thought he was hurt, but, as I got closer, he was laughing so hard!

Later that day, dad was driving, I was spotting, and Payton and Hallie were on the tube. They both had said they wanted to go on a really crazy ride. So, dad did not go easy on them! He was hitting every wave at about 25 mph! Needless to say, they were having a wild ride! Then, dad hit this huge wave and through the tube about 5 ft in the air! Hallie flew straight up in the air off of the tube! And I mean she was parallel to the trees! Payton stayed on and I thought he was hurt, but, he was laughing so hard I thought he was crying!!!

I tubed for a little bit, but, I liked pulling the tube better! And just a tip, DO NOT wear shorts that are a little to big for you, you WILL loose them!!!!! Trust me, I know!!!!!!

We had so much fun at Lake Holbrook!


6 thoughts on “The Lake!”

  1. For Hallie’s Party when we were going to swim, Mom wanted me to be modest and wear swim shorts over my one piece. I agreed but Its kinda hard to keep your shorts on a slippery bathing suit when you dive off a diving board!

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