Anna Banana!

Those of you who know me, know that I love animals! I have so many different categories for my “favorite” animal! For example, my favorite pet animal is a dog. I love dogs!

Now, my favorite kinds of dogs are Labrador Retrievers (Lab) and English Pointers (and yes, it has to be English!) Now, luckily for me, I have a black lab, English pointer, border collie mix! Her name is Annie. She is the best dog I have ever had! Now, I am not saying that she does not get into trash, rip things up, and do things that get on my nerves, trust me, she does!

The reason she is my favorite, is because she is so helpful in many ways. She helps me with the chickens. I let the chickens out in the morning and put them up at night. Annie helps “herd” them back to the coop! You can tell she is playing, but, she understands what I need done. Her not-so-helpful thing with the chickens is that she likes the taste of raw egg! So, she is an egg thief!

She is an amazing hunter. She has treed several squirrels in our front yard, dug up tons of moles, catches rabbits, and loves to chase a yellow tennis ball!

This is Annie’s first day in the Gray household!

Annie has more lab in her than pointer and collie. Some of you just see a beautiful black lab and nothing else. Well, you can only really tell what breeds she has in her by her character, instinct, and appearance.

I know that Annie looks like a lab. But, she also looks like a border collie. She has a more border collie face than she does lab. She also has white on her, full blood labs do not have white at all on them. Border collies’ do.

Annie acts like a lab. She hunts, plays, and acts like a lab. But, she also herds, which is not like a lab. Labs do not have that instinct to herd. Border collies’ do. She also points when she wants to pounce on something like a mole or ball. Which is like a pointer.

Now she does not have very much pointer in her. But, it is still there and you can still notice it. It is the instinct that gives away to the pointer. Not the appearance.

I am saying all of this to say, dogs could not have just happened by random chance. Dogs had to have been created. A dogs’ instinct, character, and appearance could not have happened over millions of millions of years! The dogs would have died before they learned how to survive!

My examples about Annie’s different breeds and how you can tell they are there, was to kind of show you the differences in all of the dogs. Yes some dogs have qualities that are similar, but, no two different breeds of dogs have the same anything! In fact, no two dogs are the same, same breed or not!

All animals have different characteristics. Some completely different animals might even resemble each other just a little bit. But, that does not mean that humans came from monkeys! Or frogs lost their legs and turned into snakes! Or any other animal came from another animal.

Every animal, including humans, were created. And we weren’t just created because God got bored and decided to make something. He made us because we have a purpose. He made us in His image. He made us because He wants us and loves us.

Creation is so important to Christians. If you believe in God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit, you have to believe He created the world!

If you don’t believe that God created the world, then you really don’t believe in God at all! If you don’t believe that God can do anything He wants to do, including making earth, then why even believe in Him at all?

I hope you see why believing creation is so important.

P.S. Genesis is the first book of the Bible. It tells about creation. It tells us how He created earth. If you haven’t read it, I suggest for you to go read it!


5 thoughts on “Anna Banana!”

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself! But….. you didn’t say a thing about Beckham! You know the most amazing and sweetest panzy of a “gaurd” dog I’v ever seen! 😉 Also, Annie’s chew toy/ friend!

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