Good Quotes

                        “I try to avoid any substance or stimulus that raises my blood pressure, gives me a headache, interrupts my sleep, causes me to want things I shouldn’t want, or allows me to forget that I am apart of God’s creation.”

(John R. Erickson, Story Craft, chapter 7, page 55)

“God has chosen to work through human beings, who, in their different capacities and according to their talents, serve each other. This is the doctrine of vocation.”

(Gene Edward Veith, God at Wok)

“Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.”

(Garth Brooks)

“One thing true artists should never do is to abandon their calling…

God’s gifts are never to be hidden; his calling is never to be denied.”

(Philip Ryken, Art for God’s Sake)

“Entertainment media illustrates the theology of our culture.”

(Isaac Botkin, Outside Hollywood)

“God built a thousand questions, but only two hundred and fifty answers.”

(Hank the Cowdog)

“Good writing, like good food, needs to be savored; it is nutritious.”

(Gene Edward Veith, Reading Between the Lines)

“The best way to drive out a bad worldview is by offering a good one, and Christians need to move beyond criticizing culture to creating culture.”

(Nancy Pearcey, Total Truth)


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