The Rescuer!

    A couple of days ago my grandma called saying that her little Shih Tzu and Pomeranian had found a rabbit burrow. The mother was not there and there were 4 or 5 new-born rabbits that did not even have there eyes opened yet. Well, my grandma’s dogs ate all but 1 rabbit, which she saved from the burrow.

So, she called us to see if Lexie wanted to try to nurse and take care of it. Now, those of you that know Lexie, know that she can take care of just about any animal. She already has 1 rabbit and 2 turtles. She has taken care of a baby deer that we found, a parakeet, and tons of different lizards and fish! So needless to say, she has some experience with animals!

Anyway, she has this new little rabbit that she loves and is taking care of. The little bunny is only like 3 or 4 inches long! Lexie has been feeding it goats milk, helping it use the bathroom, and keeping it the right temperature. She has been doing a lot of research on the little thing and hopes to let it go to the wild when it gets bigger.

We are all looking forward to watching it grow, or at least I am. I can’t wait until it gets to where it actually looks cute! In my opinion, I think it looks more like a rat than a rabbit, but, no one asked for my opinion (sigh)!

I will post a picture of the rabbit when I get one!!

P.S. About my Latin, I can say both rabbit and dog! Rabbit is Oryctolagus (ork-tola-gus) and dog is canis (can-is).


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