My future car!

Yes, I do have the car I want picked out! I know I am only 14, but, when you see the car, you will know why I am saving now!

I will tell you the name of it: DODGE CHALLENGER!!!!!!

I really don’t care what year it is, but, I would prefer a newer model. I would like it to be coal-black in colouring, with a hot pink pin strip down the middle and on the side of the car. I also have a vision of hot pink wheels!

Here is an awesome picture of the one I want!!!!

Just picture all of the red, PINK!

This is an older one that I would not mind owning either!!!

Pretty nice ain’t it!!!!!!

I am posting this Ford Mustang for my cousin, (he likes ’em) I am pretty sure he would want one like this (of corse I would take it too!)

This challenger is a really nice one too! Of corse, it is probably custom-made, because, they do not make convertibles! So, this one is a little out of my price range! Just a little! LOL!

So, after looking at these pictures, do you see why I am starting young?!?!?

I am praying and believing God for an awesome way to raise enough money to buy my dream car! I am also believing Him for a really, really, really good deal!!!


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