The Wake Up Call

Every morning at about 8:30 my mom comes in to get us out of bed. The sun is coming in through the 6 windows in my room and I am having wonderful dreams!!!! I am all nice and warm in my bed with 4 pillows (2 of which are body pillows!) and my three very warm blankets!

Then, all of a sudden, mom interrupts my ever pleasing dreams by saying, “Huck, sound the alarm!” And as if he knows what she is talking about, Huck will start SCREAMING at the top of his lungs!!!!! Now those of you who have not met my yellow, grey, and red cockateil, you are not missing much! I mean, when you can’t get him to sit peacefully on your shoulder, hold him without biting, and be quiet while you are reading, you do not want him to side with your mother!!!!!

Anyways, I think it is so amazing that Huck has so many different chirps. I can almost tell if he is happy, sad, annoyed, or even feeling dominate. And did you know that birds don’t even have vocal cords? They have a voice box called a sryinx. God gave them this awesome ability to make noise without vocal cords!

This is a picture that kind of looks like my alarm clock!




4 thoughts on “The Wake Up Call”

  1. I love that Huck is on my side in the mornings! He is a wonderful alarm! I wish I could get him to sing the GOOD MORNING song! (the one that use to be on my phone). I love you!

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