For those of you who have read my blog before, know that I have changed the background several times. Like again today.

I normally don’t keep the same thing the same way for very long. So I am surprised that my last theme stayed for almost two months!

I am not only like this with colors and backgrounds, but, I also constantly rearrange my room, desk, closet, folders, and I always have to rearrange my book shelves!

I love change! Now, not all change is good, to us. For example, when we sold our big house on 30 acres of land (we only sold 5 acres, 25 is ours!) and moved into a little log cabin on 2 acres of land! That change was not exactly what I would call a “good change”, but, we are grateful to be living in a house (I am so glad my family of 8 is not living in our camper!)

Another example is today’s entertainment, media, music, movies, video games, ect….. In today’s world, you can barely watch a movie without at least 1 cuss word. Same with music (other than Christian) and even video games that are new have cuss words in them. Any kind of media is so dangerous these days. This is a change that was not good.

But God intends all things for good. He always turns what we think is bad (and might be bad) and makes it good later. I don’t know how entertainment these days is going to work out for good (I do have a good guess however, in Revelation God says that before He comes, the world will get worse and worse, so it could be a sign that we are getting closer to His coming), but, God loves to surprise us! And most of the time, we don’t recognize the good until it comes.

As I said earlier, I love change! And not just change in reality either. I also love spiritual change. I love it when people have a spiritual change for the first time and become Christians. There are so many great testimonies about people coming through hard times. And I love to listen to them.

Change is most of the time good, so, go move something around in your room, office, garage, anything! It might even make you feel better!


I love hearing from you! Comment below to tell me what you think!

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