Lauraine Snelling

 Lauraine Snelling is my absolute favorite author ever! She writes mainly Historical Fiction and I have enjoyed the books I have read. So far my favorites are the Dakotah Treasures (see on my page Reading Adventure), but, that is because I got all of the books out-of-order so I am waiting for the rest before I even read the other ones! What fun is it when you already know what happens to the characters?!

To explain myself, there are 4 series that make up basically 1 big series. The 1st series is the Red River Vally Of The North. I only own the 1st book, An Untamed Land. The 2nd series is the Return To Red River and I don’t own any of those. The 3rd series is the Daughters of Blessing which I own the 1st 2 of, A Promise for Ellie and Sophie’s Dilemma. And the 4th series is Home To Blessing, another series that I own the 1st 2 of, A Measure of Mercy and No Distance Too Far.

So do you see my dilemma? I can’t read them out-of-order other wise I will already know what happens to the family! And trust me, that is no fun!

I also own the 1st book from the Secret Refuge series, Daughter of Twin Oaks, but, this is not a part of the “big series”! All 4 of the Dakotah Treasures are mine as well!

The reason Lauraine is my favorite is not only because she writes amazing books, but because of what is in the books. As I said earlier, most of her books are Historical fiction, but, they are also teaching you the importance in believing that God will take care of you.

In all of the books that I have read these families are trying to settle in harsh new territory and build their new lives. When a tragedy strikes, storms that destroy, and unbelievable winters come their 1st moves are not always hitting their knees and asking God for help. And things don’t really get better until they do finally go to God for help.

I will post the 2 paragraphs that are on the back of the 2nd book of the Dakotah Treasures, Pearl.

Ruby Torvald has turned Dove House, the scandalous inheritance her father left to her and her sister, into a respectable establishment. Her newest boarder is Pear Hossfuss, a twenty-two-year-old schoolteacher from Chicago. Hiding scars within and without, Pear has given up hope that any man would want to marry her. Her father has his own ideas, insisting she marry his clerk, a widower with five children.

So Pearl flees to Dakotah Territory in response to an ad requesting a teacher for the town of Little Missouri. She finds teaching in this rural setting rewarding and intresting-even more so when she makes the acquaintance of an intriguing young carpenter, Carl Hegland. But just as her future begins to look brighter, news arrives that her father is coming to take her back to Chicago.

P.S. For those of you that are in my homeschoolgroup or know me really well, contact me if you are interested in reading any of the books that I have talked about.


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