Thinking ahead

For those of you that know me (I sure do say that a lot!), know that my family and I are trying to build a new house.

We have the house picked out and are hoping to start building by November. Our driveway is almost finished and we are getting excited!

I already know which room is going to be mine (well, all of us girls are having a Huge girls room up stairs, so, I know which corner I am going to have!) and I have been looking for what I want to decorate my corner with!

I am sewing a puppy dog quilt right now that is dark blue and black that I would like to put in my corner, but, I also have a NEON blue, orange, green, pink, and rainbow sporting dog quilt that I made last year (*gasp* I can’t believe I have not posted a picture! I will have to do that!).

I am trying to figure out if I want to go with like a mature, pretty, fancy teenager style or absolutely colorful, neon, awesome style! I have two comforters that I have picked out. Here is the mature, pretty, fancy teenager style comforter that I like (it would also go with my quilt that I am making):

And here is the absolutely colorful, neon, awesome, PUPPY style comforter that I LOVE (this one will go with the quilt that is already made)!:

Isn’t it adorable? Teenager girls can never outgrow puppies right? And I just love the paw prints! Now, once I post the pic of my quilt, you will see that it has more orange than green and blue……..*whisper* but I really don’t care, they are both puppies!!!!!

As I said, don’t know if I want to go mature or awesome! ‘Cause I mean which ever one I go with I will still have puppies! And my calendar is puppies but, you know it kinda goes with anything and is year-round. Get it? Year-round, calendars are year-round? Never mind.

Tell me which one you think is the cutest.


4 thoughts on “Thinking ahead”

  1. Responding to your question at the end of the post I would go with the (as you said) “Mature, pretty, fancy teenager style.” I think it looks cool. P.S. This is a word from a guy so don’t take me “too” seriously. 😉

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