Sumatran Striped Rabbit

 These beautiful little rabbits live in the Sumatra Barisan Mountains of Indonesia.

There have not been very many studies on this rabbit, so there is little information that I found. So, I put most of the info in my words.

They are also known as the Sumatran Short-eared rabbits and in Latin the are called Nesolagus netscheri (nes-ol-a-gus nets-cher-ie). They do not have a name in the Indonesian language, because, they are so rare that no one Indonesia even knows that they live there!

The Sumatran Rabbit is the globe’s rarest rabbit and they are critically endangered. There is not even an estimate number on how many are left in the wild. In fact, this rabbit has only been seen alive three times in thirty-five years! The first recorded sighting was in 1916, second in 1990, and third in 2007. They have only been found in forests.

They live in an area called the Sundaland Biodiversity Hotspot. The Sumatra Barisan Mountains are called a hotspot, because there are thirteen other critically endangered species of animals in these mountains!

Sumatran Rabbits are nocturnal herbivores, meaning that they only come out at night and only eat plants and berries. Studies show that when these rabbits eat, they do not go out and look for their food, instead, they stay under one tree eating the grass and plants around that tree. Whether or not these actions are from laziness or fear from predators is unknown.

It is possible, however, that Sumatran Rabbits are lazy. This observation was made on the fact that there is no evidence that they even dig their own burrows! This might be one of the reasons the are almost extinct.

It is believed that when these rabbits get scared, they thump the ground to warn other rabbits of the danger.

There is no proof, but, these rabbits might have about six baby bunnies in one litter, like other rabbits, but, no one has ever seen these rabbits or their babies.

A baby rabbit is called a bunny, kit, kitten, leveret, or a nestling. A female rabbit is called a doe or a jill. A male is called a buck or a jack. And a group of rabbits is called a warren, nest, colony, bevy, bury, drove, or a trace.

Sumatran rabbits weigh up to about 3.3 pounds and are pretty small. They are brown with black stripes (they are the only rabbits in the world that have stripes), their tummies are almost white, and their tails are bright red (however, their tails are so small that you can barely tell that they have one!).

Their main predator is the loss of habitat. When Indonesians build cities, they cut down forests that inhabit the Sumatran rabbit’s homes without knowing it.

Rayleigh A. Gray


All of the above information was found on the internet. The Wikipedia-the Free Encyclopedia was the most helpful tool for this paper.

This was an essay that my sister Lexie assigned me a couple of weeks ago. Her and Makenzie were browsing the computer and came across a picture of really pretty rabbit. So Lexie asked me to do a report on it!

I took a lot of time trying to find out any info on this rabbit. I came across this one website that said pictures were scarce. So, here are a couple of pictures of the Sumatran Striped Rabbit and the Sumatra Barisan Mountains.


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