Getting Ready For The Holidays

I am so ready for the holidays! Thanksgiving and Christmas are special to me in different ways.

Christmas is so special to me is because of something my home-school group does every year. We do something called Operation Christmas Child (OCC). What we do is fill a shoe-box with little toys, soap, tooth-brushes, socks, ex… Then we all get together as a home-school group and pray over all the boxes. Then someone will take the boxes to get sent somewhere around the world to a child that never gets Christmas. You can even get a tracking code to find out where in the world it went! Two years ago my family’s boxes went to Kenya!

Another reason I love Christmas is listening to that age-old-story about baby Jesus lying in the manger. Every year, the day after Christmas we go to my Nana and Papa’s house to spend the night and have Christmas at their house with my cousins. After dinner, we all gather by fire and read the Christmas story from the book of Luke. I am always thrilled to listen to the story of how Jesus was born purposely to die for us (I will save the story for when it gets closer to Christmas! LOL!).

Soon, I will tell the why I enjoy Thanksgiving when it gets closer to November, but now I will tell my opinions on Halloween. When I was telling about the holidays, you might have noticed that I did not mention Halloween. The truth is, I highly dislike Halloween. Ghosts, jack-a-lanterns, bats, graves, witches, and all the other stuff is just stupid! I believe that it is a holiday that celebrates Satin. And trick-or-treating is also stupid. Going out at night to scare people should not be tolerated any time of the year, especially in today’s world. Even dress-up parties are popular.

Some people only go trick-or-treating for the candy or only go to dress-up parties or do all of it. But even if you only go trick-or-treating you are still celebrating Halloween. And it is NOT ok. The Bible says not to be luke-warm and only doing one thing when you believe that Halloween is not a good holiday, is being luke-warm. God says He would rather you be completely “black”(bad) or completely “white”(good) and never “grey”(kinda good and kinda bad). Halloween is a horrible holiday and you could even say that I hate it. I personally have never celebrated Halloween and don’t plan on ever doing it either.

So now you know a little bit more about me and my heart and what I believe in.




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