To start my post off, I want to say that Beaver’s Bend is truly an example for how colorful God is. The trees were all red, purple, green, yellow, and orange. The rivers that were crystal clear reveled the beautiful Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Gold Trout.

Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout
Gold Trout

My family and I went to Beaver’s Bend in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, October 26 – November 1. October is a wonderful time to go not only because of the scenery, but also the weather.

When we arrived Friday night around mid-night, it was pretty cold. I think it was about in the 30s and we went to bed as soon as the camper was hooked up.

Saturday, it was still pretty chilly, but, we were outside all day. Dad took all of us kids fishing for a while, but, we did not catch anything. We also rode bikes all over the camp site, walked around, watched birds, and sat by the campfire.

Sunday was an exciting day. My Nana, Papa and cousins, Payton and Hallie all showed up unexpectedly! They just stayed for one night, but it seemed much longer! Dad took all of us fishing again, with Papa, and we still did not catch anything. Then we went back to the camper and rode bikes and enjoyed another campfire.

Monday we went fishing again with Payton, Hallie, and Papa. We still did not catch any fish. When we were back at the camper, we played games. One of the games we played was Hillarium. What you have to do is have 5 cards in your hand at all times. You have to act out the cards in your hand and try to find the other person who is acting out the same thing you are! In other words, you ALL ACT OUT AT THE SAME TIME!!!! It was really fun!

Tuesday, it was back to just the Grays and we went fishing again! This time, we caught 1 fish (that was too small to keep, but we caught a fish!)! Then we had another fire and stayed up late playing games.

Wednesday, we went fishing one last time and dad taught me how to fly fish. I had my dad’s waders on (so they were kinda big) and Makenzie’s mud boots on (which were also big) and I could not move! We did not catch a fish, but I saw plenty. They were swimming around like crazy, but were too smart to bite.

Then we packed up around 5 p.m and headed home. We all had a blast a Beaver’s Bend and will probably go back some day.

P.S. After Saturday, the weather was in the 60s-70s the rest of the week!


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