My Awesome Best Friend!

First of all, I just want to tell you that my best friend is the ultimate best friend ever! I have known Him since I was 8 years old and He has been there for me through everything.

I have not always gone to Him when I needed Him and when I didn’t, things normally got worse. But, when I do go to Him when I need Him, I feel this deep peace come over me like a thick fog.

When I spend time with Him in the mornings, my head is clear for the rest of the day and I can concentrate throughout the day.

My best friend is never to busy for me and comes exactly when I need Him. Whether it is morning, night, or afternoon.

My best friend is funny in some ways and always provides for me. He is also very protective of me.

My best friend is very artistic and a beautiful painter. He has made so many beautiful things, that beautiful is not a good enough word to describe them.

My best friend is en excellent encourager and is always uplifting. However, He has put me back on the right path many times.

But my favorite thing of all about my best friend is that He has many different names! However, His most commonly known name is Jesus Christ.

Jesus is by far my best friend ever! You should take the time to meet Him, because He took the time to die for you.


5 thoughts on “My Awesome Best Friend!”

  1. AMEN!!! Loved the end, he did take the time to die for me but, he has also risen! And has become not only my friend but my Father.

  2. So…this made me cry tears of happiness. This is so full if truth! What a treasure you have found…never let it go! Love you 😉

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