Don’t Forget Thanksgiving!

I have to admit, I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year! I can’t wait to see my relatives, have a good dinner, play games, and to just sit back and thank God for everything I have.

First, let my make it clear that I thank God for what I have on a regular basis, but Thanksgiving is special! I also like to read over the pilgrim story.

I know that most people do not celebrate Thanksgiving. How do I know this? Well, when Halloween comes around everyone jumps to decorate with all kinds of stupid stuff (if you did not read my post about Halloween, then you can read it in the post called “Getting Ready For the Holidays), then when Halloween is over, everyone starts decorating for Christmas. completely skipping Thanksgiving. Why? I am not sure.

Fall and Thanksgiving are just not celebrated.

Summer means the end of the school year and lots of swimming,

winter means Christmas and snow (if you live somewhere where it snows…),

and spring is when everything comes back to life and is beautiful.

But what about autum?

Autumn is when the trees turn beautiful colors, the bugs are starting to leave for the long winter, and Thanksgiving is on the way! Yes, some people decorate with leaves and scarecrows for a very small amount of time, but I hardly ever see any decorations that are specifically for Thanksgiving.

So, please, do something this year for Thanksgiving, before you get out all of the Christmas decor and enjoy this beautiful season! And if you don’t do anything for Thanksgiving, I encourage you to go to someone’s house and just enjoy their company for Thanksgiving.


I love hearing from you! Comment below to tell me what you think!

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