My Favorite Family Tradition!

My favorite family tradition happens to be around Christmas time. Every year, since I was 10 or 11, my Nana and Papa come up with something called Christmas Codes (this involves my cousins as well).

Now let me explain these Christmas Codes, Nana spends a lot of time coming up with a key to code all of the kids’ names on their Christmas presents*. All of the names are coded the same way, so that we don’t have to come up with a million different key codes! *Note: We cannot have our Christmas presents until the codes are de-coded!

Before I go any further, I must tell you how the Christmas codes got started. When we were all quite a bit younger, my Nana would mark each of our Christmas presents with our initials so that she would remember whose present was whose. Well, all of us kids would go around saying something like, “This is mine!” or “Her/his is bigger than mine!” and I am sure it annoyed her!

So, the next year, she coded our names to keep whose present was whose a secret and probably just to keep us quite! But, we all thought is was a fun game!

Most of the time, Nana only codes our initials and only uses letters , but last year she only used numbers that stood for our birth order and the first letter of our names in the alphabet. For example (I still have all of the codes and solutions for every year!), 2011s codes were:

313, 616, 218, 508, 107, 413, and 712.

Now to explain, the first number stood for our birthday orders (note, birthday orders as in the order our birthdays occur according to months). All of our birthdays in order are: 1=Janarury 19, 2=May 8, 3=May 12, 4=July 10, 5=July 8,* 6=August 4, and 7=October 23.* Note: My Nana accidentally got these to b/days mixed up! July 10 really comes before July 8! LOL!

The last 2 numbers stand for what number the first letter of our names is in the alphabet, for example, A is the 1st letter of the alphabet so A=01.

I know you want to know the solutions so here they are!

07=G, so 107=Garett! 18=R, so 218=Rayleigh (me!)! 13=M, so 313=MaKenzie! 13=M, so 413= Maggie! 08=H, so 508=Hallie! 16=P, so 616=Payton! And 12=L, so 712=Lexie!

Nana gives us our codes on Thanksgiving Day when we are all together at her house for dinner. So, all of us kids are waiting for Thanksgiving not only to give thanks, the food, and company, we are all waiting for the Christmas codes!

I bet you are wondering how all of us kids crack these codes in only a number of weeks, when we all live in different houses, so, I am going to revel a secret (trust me, the only reason I am adding this into the post is so I won’t disappoint my mother and aunt Katie!)!

Well, the secret is, that when anyone of us sleuths thinks we have found something on the codes, we call the other detectives and we all talk at the same time  trying to explain the what we think we found! I started this tradition by accident when I was younger! You see, I had borrowed my mom’s phone and hid in the closet and called my cousins! And it started something……

Now every year, Mom and Aunt Katie laugh at us and take pictures when we call each other to talk about our codes!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite family tradition and I might have given some grandparents or parents some ideas!



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