My Dog Loves Meds!!!!!

This post is just for laughs!

A couple of days ago, we come home from the vet with our dogs flea pills, heart guard, and something to help their teeth. The heart guard and tooth pills are chewable, but the flea pills I have to hide in a hot dog for them to eat it!

So, I walk outside after I prepare everything, and call the dogs. Annie is halfway across the yard and when she sees the plate in my hand she starts running at me full blast! And I mean she is at top speed!

She is gaining speed and jumps up on the deck, flat body-slams into the grill, does a flip off of the porch and then sits quietly at my feet waiting for her medicine! I have never seen any dog want their meds that bad!


4 thoughts on “My Dog Loves Meds!!!!!”

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