Way Overdue!

This post is waaayyyy overdue! Last year in April, I went to New Mexico with my grandma to see a friend. Lets see if I can remember everything!

I had spent the night the day before we left, cause we had an early flight. I think grandma woke me up around 4:00 and we were at the airport before the sun was completely up, so I am guessing that was around 7?

This was my first flight and I took all kinds of pictures! I got some really good ones too!

After we landed we took a bus to a car rental and got a cute little red car to drive for the week.

The first day in New Mexico, we just kinda chilled and did not do much. I am not sure when we were actually at my friend’s house, but I think it was late afternoon (My friend had an awesome house!).

When we first went into the house, we unpacked and got ready to go to dinner in a little burger place. They had awesome burgers! Then we went back to the house and figured out where we were going to sleep. I slept on the couch in the living room, while grandma slept on a cot also in the living room!

I am hiding!

The next day, we went to a horse shelter that had abandoned horses in it. I took lots of pictures here too! (Some of the pictures would not turn the right way, sorry!)

This is a little colt that was only like a month old!
The colt and his mommy!
This poor horse was limping:-(

This was a cute donkey!
This horse was very sweet!
These horses were in very good shape!
The BIGGEST poop pile I have ever seen!

After we left the horse shelter, we went to a place that had very well-bred Friesian horses and some alpacas! And of corse I took pictures of them as well!

This was too cute!
These white ones were in a separate pen, we thought they looked like snobs!!!!

The Friesian horses were soooo sweet! And sooo tall!!!

After we left this place, we went home and played cards for the rest of the night! The next day, we went into Sante Fe and went shopping! We also went sight-seeing! We went to a church that has a special spiral staircase called the Loretto Chapel. This is an awesome chapel with an amazing story! I bought a bookmark that has the story on the back and I will write what it says.

“The OUR LADY OF THE LIGHT CHAPEL (Loretto Chapel), fashioned after Saint-Chapelle in Paris, was constructed in the 1870’s to serve the Loretto Academy which was operated by the Sisters of Loretto.

Believed to be the first gothlic structure west of the Mississippi, the Chapel had a design flaw: a conventional stairway to the choir loft could not be installed without adversely impacting the diminutive Chapel’s seating capacity as well as its aesthetics.

Seeking divine guidance the Sisters made a Novena to their patron saint, Saint Joseph the Carpenter. As legend has it, upon the ninth and final day of the Novena a mysterious carpenter arrived to design and construct a circular stairway to the choir loft. The tools upon his donkey were just a saw, a T-square, a hammer and tubes in which to soak the wood.

His ‘miraculous stairway’ contains thirty-three steps in two full 360 degree turns. This stairway has no center support nor is it held from its sides its full weight rest on its final tread.

Upon completion of the stairway the carpenter disappeared without seeking payment. No records have been found for the purchase of the materials with which the stairway was built. Many Sisters believed the craftsman to have been an embodiment of Saint Joseph the Carpenter.

Originally built without a railing its use was a daily reinforcement of faith by both Sisters and students. In the 1880’s the banister was added. Engineers and architects marvel at the stairway; there is no known duplication of its design.”

Anyways, we went and saw this awesome old church. It is not used anymore for regular services, but, you can have your wedding there and it is beautiful! Here are some pictures.

This is right before you walk in
This is the church
The most beautiful altar I have ever seen
This is the alter from a further distance
The Priest’s area
And the famous stairway
I really wish the pics would turn!

I loved walking around in the Loretto Chapel and learning the history about it. There was a tape playing telling you about it while you were walking, it was really neat.

After we left the chapel, we all went shopping around Sante Fe! The next day, grandma and I left to go to a hotel room so that we could catch another early flight home. We both had a blast in New Mexico and hope to go back some time soon!

I will rap up this post with these all around pics!

This was a cool truck
A pretty cool bug!





1 thought on “Way Overdue!”

  1. Well Rayleigh, another great post!And for all of those who don’t know this; Freisian horses are my absolute favorite! They are known for their beautiful curly mane and tail.

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