The Pearls

This is a really sweet story that I heard on my local radio station. I am not sure if it is true or not, but it is really sweet and I am just going to call the little girl Jamie! I will try to write it the best way I can. However, while you are reading this, think of yourself as Jamie. Also think of something that you have worked hard for and care about, and replace Jamie’s pearls with that. That will make this story be real to you!

“One day, Jamie, who was 6 years old, was at the store with her mommy. On the counter was a little string of pearls just her size. “Mommy, can I have some pearls?” asked the little girl dreamily. “Not today sweetheart, but maybe some other time.” Replied her mother. “Oh but mommy I want them so bad, they would look so pretty around my neck. Mommy please.” “Well, it says they are two dollars, if you want them so bad, then I could give you some extra chores to do around the house so you can buy them, would you like that?” “Oh yes mommy! I would, I would!”

So, for the next week or so, Jamie did her work around the house and by the next store trip she had enough money to buy her pearls. When they came to the counter, she paid her hard-earned two dollars for the pearl necklace.

Jamie loved her pearls and wore them everywhere, to the park, to school, to her friend’s house and especially to church, the only time that she took them off was at bedtime and when she took a bath, because mommy said they would turn her neck green!

One night, after daddy had finished reading her a Bible story, he asked her, “Jamie, do you love me?” Jamie answered sweetly, “Oh daddy you know I love you.” “Then give me your pearls” he said quietly. “Oh daddy not my pearls! But, you can have my dolly, you know the one I got for my birthday?” Jamie replied a little scared. “Thats ok sweetheart. Daddy loves you.” He answered and kissed her on the cheek and left the room.

A few nights later, while daddy was tucking her into bed, he asked, “Jamie, do you love me?” Jamie answered, “Of course I love you daddy.” “Then give me your pearls.” He said once again. “Oh daddy not my pearls! But, you can have  my story book, the one you read me every night.” Jamie answered. “Thats ok sweetheart. Daddy loves you.” He said as he kissed her on the cheek and left the room.

The next day, Jamie walked into the kitchen with tears streaming down her face and the little pearl necklace in her hand. She walked over to her daddy and said, “Here daddy, you can have my pearls.” And she placed them in his hand.

As soon as they were in his hand, her daddy pulled out a little blue velvet box and handed it to her. She opened the box and inside were real genuine pearls from the jewelry store. He had them the whole time and was just waiting for her to let go of the fake pearls so he could give her the real ones.”

Now, wasn’t that a sweet story? I bet you are wondering why I had you visualize yourself as Jamie, right? Well, the answer is that Jesus is just like the daddy in the story.

We are all like Jamie, working so hard to buy something that is fake, now, it may not really be a fake object, but it is fake compared to what Jesus bought for us.

Jesus is like the daddy, waiting for us to give Him our hearts and whatever we have worked hard for in order to give us real genuine pearls. For example, I have worked really hard to become a writer, and I care about everything that I write. When I give Jesus my writing skills, He uses my writing to help others, uplift others, and even explain Himself through me. This is the real genuine pearls to me!

He died on the cross and has already bought you the real pearls, whatever it may be to you, He is just waiting for you to give Him the fake ones.

If you haven’t given Him your gifts, your thoughts, your time or whatever else you care for, I encourage you do so, because as you see in this illustration, you are missing out on what is real.

Merry Christmas!




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