Awesome School Day!

Today, my family and I decided we would have video school! Which is when we do all of our subjects watching TV!

For example, our Bible/History was watching The Bible series that comes on the History channel every Sunday night (we record them!). We watched the story of “The Fiery Furnace” (which can be found in Daniel 3:19-27) along with “Daniel and the Lion’s Den” (Daniel 6:16-23) and “The Virgin Birth” (Luke 1:27-38). (I do not recommend watching this with small children, because it is very graphical).

Next we did Geography, which was watching a cool series (also on the History channel) called How the States got Their Shapes. We learned how rivers, railroads and highways helped shape the states.

Then we watched Good Eats, which was like lab science and I learned that Angel Food Cake is only egg whites, sugar, and a little flour! It is interesting that if you did not add the sugar, Angel Food Cake would be just like a hard boiled egg!

The last thing we watched was for our all-around science, Born to Explore. We “went” to South Africa near Cape Town and learned about the very brightly colored towns, African penguins, and different spices that are eaten there.

I really enjoyed our video day and encourage you to watch the History channel and National Geographic channel every now and then, there are some pretty cool shows that come on!

WARNING FOR CREATIONISTS!!!!! Some shows are centered around evolution, I encourage you to watch the show while mentally hearing Creation point-of-views. I do not recommend staying away from those shows altogether, because then you will be ignorant to their beliefs, but instead, I suggest watching them, learning how they think but yet not heeding to what they say. Just a friendly tip from one Creationist to another!


I love hearing from you! Comment below to tell me what you think!

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