End of the Year Program

Tomorrow is the Recognition ceremony for my home school group, True Life. It is not really a graduation, but we have display boards and tables that have the stuff we have done throughout the year.

I normally have more books than anything on my table, as well as a snack food, something I made, like a quilt, and a curriculum that I enjoyed. We also have a slid show of pictures, and a presentation, which is when some of the kids say a poem or something they worked hard on learning.

There are many different reasons our home school group has this at the end of the year, one of the main reasons is to show some of the people of this community what all of the home schooled children actually do with their time. I know, kids that stay home to do their schooling might seem like they are lazy, but we might surprise you! Yes, we have less schooling hours (like I have school from 9:00 a.m. to about 2:30 p.m), but that leaves us more time to do the extra curricular activities that we are interested in. We can work towards the things we want to do in college, and I AM NOT SAYING KIDS IN PUBLIC SCHOOL CAN’T, I am just saying we have more time and don’t have to deal with peer pressure or bullies or anything like that. It is incredible how many things public scholars can cram into a single 24 hour day, 8 hours of school, tons of homework, sports, extra curriculum, and still have time to watch movies and hang out with friends, it is amazing!.

I am not suggesting that you pull your kids out of public school and start teaching them at home, I am just asking that you get to know and maybe research about home scholars before you say you feel bad for them, or don’t agree with them. Because, every home schooling family is different and does different things with their time.

I am beyond proud to say that I am home-schooled!


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