A Cute Innocent Moment!

This is a cute post, with the only purpose of making you smile!

Sunday night my sisters and I as well as our friend Tyler were babysitting for a church event. We had 2 infants, 2 toddlers, and one 5 year old. One of the toddlers’ name is Paisley and she is a sweetheart, in fact, she is the one this post is about!

We took all 5 of our little chickies to the church playground across the parking lot to get some energy out. At the playground, there are slides, monkey-bars, and a tire-swing. Well, little Paisley wanted to slide, but was really nervous about it, so MaKenzie told Paisley she would catch her at the end. She slid down the slide and was caught with a huge smile, then stood off to the side to watch everyone run around.

A little bit later, Lexie asked Paisley if she wanted to slide again, and she said yes. Lexie quickly ran up the steps and was at the top to help Paisley up, but, Paisley misjudged the question. She was at the bottom of the slide holding her arms out telling Lexie, “I’ll catch you! I’ll catch you!”

She was so cute!


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