Some Fun Facts About My Family!

By members in my family, I mean animals as well!

First of all, how many horses do you know that will eat meat? There are not many, but my family got one of these rare species(!!!!). Our little pony, Hazelnut, will eat anything another animal finds appetizing, she will eat steak, chicken, eggs, bacon, and everything! She even likes it with gravy!

SAMSUNG(Yes this pic is old!)

The next member that has a fun fact is my little brother Gavin. His fun fact is that he LOVES Little Einsteins, you know that cartoon that plays on Disney Junior about the four Little Einsteins, Leo, Annie, Quincy, and June (Oh, and Rocket, their pet rocket ship!). He loves the classical and symphony music that they play.


Number three fun fact is about my little sis Lexie. Now, have you ever wanted to have two pet rabbits? Tons of pet frogs? Multiple pet lizards? A pet snake? What about a turtle? Maybe a fish? A parakeet? Oh, and what about a fawn all at one time? Well, that pretty much sums up Lexie! She can catch any animal that comes into the yard and literally has had all these at one time!


Another fun fact might include my little sister Maggie, actually it does! This certain little 6 year old (7 in July) can climb anything! Trees, trampoline poles, the pole that holds our swing set up, she has climbed up the wall of our house, I mean anything! She just has to take her shoes off first!


My little brother Garett can produce some of the craziest noises! Anything from a police siren to machine gun! He is also good at building the lego thing that makes the noise!


My sister MaKenzie can play just about anything on the piano if she listens to it a few times, and practices it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (this message is coming from her roommate who hears everything that she plays!)!!! She is very good at the piano;-)


And if you want to know a fun fact about me, well, maybe someone will leave a comment with a fun fact in it!


4 thoughts on “Some Fun Facts About My Family!”

  1. You definitely cannot get bored with all the neat stuff and a fun fact about Rayleigh is she is just like her daddy regarding cars and tinkering and taking things apart and putting them back together.

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