Chess and Cody Meet the Neighbor Girl (Part One)

       Here is the first short story of Chess! Hope you enjoy it!

Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever
This is a pic I found on Google, I thought it would make a good Chess! Just in case you don’t know, Chess is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

     Hey! Its me Chess, you know the awesome Retriever that lives on Sycamore Street with my boy Cody. O’ course he’s got parents, but the adults don’t pay me any mind so I don’t pay them no mind.

    Now, I’ll tell ya a little ’bout my hometown, and I mean a little. I can’t stand it when Cody reads me one of them books that takes up a whole stinkin’ chapter tellin’ ’bout how somethin’ looks or smells or sounds, so I’m just gonna keep it short ‘n sweet.

    First, ya need to know that Sycamore Street is way out in da sticks o’ Texas and the reason its called Sycamore Street is ’cause its a street that goes right through a sycamore forest. Thats a pretty logical name huh?

    There’s only a couple other houses on my street and none of ’ems big as ours. None of ’ems gotta driveway as long as ours either. Or as many horses and cows. Or as much land. And since we’re on the subject there’s not one other dog bigger ‘n a teacup for miles. You’d think out here in the country there would be at least one other decent size dog around, but there ain’t.

It gets purty lonesome for a big ole’ dog like me not to have any friends to run through ponds or chase those little birds that run really fast but can’t fly. But at least Cody lets me play with his human friends, not that he has many though.

    Anyway, everyone says that we live in a mansion and got all this neat stuff ’cause Cody’s folks is loaded. Now I ain’t sure what it is they’re loaded with, maybe food ’cause this house has got more food than an overweight pig, but Cody always seems to like it so I’m pretty sure it’s a compliment.

    We ain’t always lived here on Sycamore Street, no we used to live in the big city, but I’ll tell about that some other time, right now I wanna tell ya ’bout the time Cody met his best friend Kody, better known by his parents as “The neighbor girl”, but I call her Kody-with-a-K, why, you’ll find out later.

    Cody and me was walking around in the part of the woods we ain’t ever been before so that we could say we been there. Cody says we was exploring. Anyhow, we were just walking along making our own little trails when all the sudden Cody grabbed my collar and said in a whispery like voice, “Chess. Look, we’re on a trail, somebody’s been here before us.” Then he bent down and started looking around at the ground while I was sniffing the air to see if I could smell any other humans.

    I was smelling all kinds of stuff out there, pine trees, flowers, honeysuckles, but my mouth started watering when I got a whiff of chocolate! Boy, the second that chocolate smell went in my nose I just knew I had to find out where it was.  I was runnin’ in circles, leaping over logs and barking, and then turning back around to give the log a good sniffing in case the chocolate was hiding.

    “What did ya find Chess?” Cody was watching me and then when I tore off through the bushes following my nose, he was right behind followin’ me! I ran straight into a little clearing that had a roarin’ fire in one o’ them ole’ hub caps. There was a log layin’ pretty close to the fire that I guess you sit on, but I was too busy looking for the chocolate to notice.

    I found a whole Hershey bar of chocolate laying on the log and dug in! Boy that stuff was good, even though it was kinda melted from the fire and made a huge mess all over me which was the cause of my bath later on in the day.

    After I ate the chocolate, I refocused my attention on Cody, who was walking around looking for, something. ” What is this place Chess?” He asked me this like I was supposed to answer. Even if I did know what this place was, how was I supposed to tell him, write it on the ground?

    I was still sitting by the log licking the chocolate off my paw when Cody screamed like a little girl and flew through the air! My ears shot up and I was on my feet in seconds staring at my boy swinging back and forth from a rope that had one end tied to his foot and the other to a really tall tree limb.

    I was dumbfounded for a second. I ain’t ever seen Cody upside-down before and he looked kinda funny. In fact, he looked really funny! I walked over underneath him and looked up at him, which made him look down at me, and then he looked even more funny I couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you laughing at me Chess?” Cody asked me with a very stern voice and with his face turning all red he looked even funnier!

    “Chess, won’t you make yourself useful and find a way to get me down? Or go get a knife so I can cut the rope.” He said trying to reach the knot to untie his foot.

    I sat up as tall as I could and gave him a big ole’ kiss on the face to let him know I would get him down, but he just pushed me away and said “Hey hey, cut that out Chess!”

    I was fixin’ to investigate the campsite for a knife when I heard uproarious laughter. Feminine. Human. Laughter. The kind of laughter that happens when a girl starts making fun of a guys’ mistake. And since me and Cody were the only guys out here (and Cody happened to be hanging upside down from a tree), it kinda stood to reason that he was the one getting laughed at, and I didn’t like it one bit!


8 thoughts on “Chess and Cody Meet the Neighbor Girl (Part One)”

  1. That was great! 😀 Loved it! 🙂 now I’m off ta read the next part! 😉 You know, if my dog wrote a story, and I was in Cody’s place, I’m pretty sure that she would act pretty much the same! 😛 XD

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