Renegade by Mel Odom

No, this is not a book review (had to clear that up for my family who know I haven’t finished the book yet!!!!), but it is a post about a certain character in the book. I can’t pronounce his name so therefore I am unable to remember it.

I know I could look in the book and copy it, but really it doesn’t matter what his name is. But it is his religion that matters to me. You see, he is an Afghan Muslim terrorist leader (this is a fictitious character in a fictional book).

This book “jumps from scene to scene” and tells you each characters motives when they do something important. And this character believes his call from the Lord is to kill all Christians. Kind of reminds me of King Saul in the Bible, I can only hope the character in this book will be transformed into one of the strongest Christians that ever lived, that would make the book awesome! (But I think I know which direction the book is going).

I really have no idea what it is that the Islamic religion believes in, I am ignorant in that area, but I know that this character’s dedication to his religion is absolutely amazing. He has given everything he has to stay with the religion he has grown up with and believes. From his point of view, the “Westerners” are the lost and disobedient to his God.

It breaks my heart to know that all his dedication is to a God that he thinks wants to kill every human being that is not Muslim. I know this is just a work of fiction and is not real, but there really are Islamic believers out there that need to hear the Gospel. As I said, I don’t know hardly anything about the Islamic religion so I don’t know if they believe in Jesus or not. But I pray they learn quickly if they don’t.

Anyways, I just had that on my heart and had to get it out! Please join me in prayers for the Muslims’ and that they discover the Gospel.



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