Chess and Cody Meet the Neighbor Girl (Part Two)

    If you didn’t read Part One of Chess and Cody Meet the Neighbor Girl, then you can read it here. Now, below is Part Two.

Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

    I looked around trying to find the source of the insulting laughter while Cody’s poor face was turning even redder, and not from hangin’ upside down either. I felt pretty bad for the poor kid.

    The laughter was increasing while I was running all over the campsite looking for the girl. I am pretty sure she fell on the ground because I heard a thunk and then was able to locate the laughing hyena. I sat and stared at a pretty cute girl around Cody’s age.

    She was leaning up against a tree with a tin pail laying dumped over beside her, I think there was water in it ’cause the ground beneath it was wet. She had two braided pigtails that were a dirty blonde color and tons of freckles all over her nose. Like I said, she was a cute little thing, but I ’bout had enough of her laughing at my boy, so I started growling.

    She either didn’t hear me or was ignoring’ me ’cause she said through gasps, “How…on earth…..did I….catch a…..teenage boy….in my… raccoon trap?!” When I heard that Cody got himself caught in a coon trap, boy I quit growling and I buried my nose under my paw and started whinnin’ out o’ humility! Coons is the hardest animals to trap in my opinion and you had to be a genius to design a trap that would actually catch one. And Cody was the hardest human to catch in a trap, so I bet this new girl is a genius! I hope she doesn’t like catching dogs.

    She finally stopped laughing and looked up at Cody, still snickering, she asked, “You wanna get down? Or were you planning a vacation?” She started laughing again but quickly regained control of herself and waited for an answer.

    “Actually, I was planning on an all-summer vacation at the Hang-upside-down-from-a-tree camp. Didn’t think I’d actually get to go though. It looked pretty far away.” Cody did another sit-up and tried to untie his foot but fell back down and looked at the girl who was again trying to keep from laughing. “Although, I’m kinda homesick, so if ya want to get me down, I wouldn’t fight ya.”

    The girl giggled and replied in really sweet voice, “Of course I’ll get you down!” And before I could get off my haunches the girl walked over to the tree Cody was dangling from and pulled a rope that dropped Cody down much too fast and he hit the ground with a thunk.

    “Oh gosh! I didn’t mean to drop you down that fast, you weigh a lot more than you look!” She was quickly helping him up, but then he tripped on the rope that was tied to his foot and brought both of them down laughing. I decided to just stay where I was and watch the show.

    They tried it again and this time the new girl tripped and fell, nearly pulling Cody down, but he is too strong to fall, although he did stagger a bit. They attempted to free themselves one more time, only this time they untied the rope. They made it to their feet and then the girl started rambling, like all true girls do.

    “So what’s your name? Mine is Kody. Is that your dog? How did you find my secret hide-out and how did you get caught like a coon?” She said all that in one long breath. But all I heard was that she said her name was Kody and I didn’t like it.

    In fact, I threw a fit. No one else could have my boy’s name ’cause that was HIS name! I started  barking and jumping and running all ’round that camp and they both just stared at me. I was doing my best trying to get my point across and they didn’t get a thing of it. Finally, I just stood right in front of this Cody imposter and growled.

   Cody looked at me with horror and said while waving me away, “What is your problem Chess? She didn’t do nothin’ to you, now back off.” I sat back and quit growling but I wasn’t smilin’, in fact, this girl got one of my meanest looks. That girl was a name thief and Cody didn’t even care.

    While I was off on my pity party ’cause Cody defended the girl instead ‘o’ me, Cody took a deep breath and said, “My name is Cody too and I guess he doesn’t like that you and I have the same name, he’s weird like that. Some of the strangest things will send him on a tangent. Anyways, yes he is my dog and his name is Chess. I was following Chess when we found your secret hide-out and I stepped on the rope that pulled me into your coon trap. Did I answer all your questions?” He said all that with a huge smile and tried to talk as fast as she did, but he was way to slow to even come close. In fact it almost sounded funny.

    “I think so.” She said smiling at him. “Wow, the same name, funny! I’ll bet my entire hide-out that we don’t spell it the same though, I spell mine with a K. You probably spell yours with a C, like all boys.”

    “Yup, I’m Cody-with-a-C.” He grabbed my collar and said directly to me, “If you got so mad about her having my name then I’ll tell ya she don’t got my name. I’m Cody-with-a-C and she is Kody-with-a-K. Understand?” I whined and looked away. Oh, I understood it, she may be a Kody-with-a-K, but it is still too close to Cody. “Good, now we best be getting home for supper”  he looked over to Kody-with-a-K “Bye Kody, maybe I’ll see ya ’round sometime.” He waved and then looked at me like I was supposed to do something, but I couldn’t think of it.

    I started walking towards the house without saying goodbye to Miss Kody-with-a-K. I guess Cody didn’t approve ’cause real quickly he called me back, “Chess get your tail right back over here and say goodbye to our new friend.” I slowly turned my head around barked a low bark and kept on walking. She might be Cody’s new friend, but it is going to take a whole lot to make her mine!

    “Well, isn’t he the funniest dog I’ve ever seen! I don’t guess he likes me too much huh? Oh, well, maybe he will like me later on. Bye Cody, bye Chess baby!” She laughed and ran through the woods before I could register what she’d said. She called me a baby! How old does she think I am?! Well, I don’t like this girl one bit, not even half a bit and that is that.


22 thoughts on “Chess and Cody Meet the Neighbor Girl (Part Two)”

  1. This is great, Rayleigh! You are a very talented writer! I read a lot of work from 15 year old writers, and trust me, most do not look like this! Great story! Keep ’em coming!!!

      1. Hehe! 🙂 Yes, she’s great! 😉 I love her a lot! 😀 Her name is Aggie!! 🙂 It sounds like I’m a lot like Kody too! XD I talk..a lot! 😛 Aggie hates strangers also! :/ 😉

          1. 😀 Oh, that’s really cool!!! 🙂 Is there anything funny that she likes to do? Aggie LOVES to bury things! 😛 🙂 She’s had two litters of puppies also! 😉 She’s black and white..with a bit of brown! 😉 If you go to my blog you can see her! 😛 😉 😀 You’re dog sounds nice! 🙂 If she’s part Border collie. 😛 JK!!

            1. Lol! Annie is more of a hunter and retriever, because she has more Lab than Border, so she enjoys chasing things. Thats pretty cool, Annie’s never had puppies because we adopted her from the shelter. Aggie sounds like a lot of fun:)

              1. 😉 oh, that’s cool! Hehe! Neat! 😉 Oh, okay! 🙂 Aggie was born here! Oh, she is!! 🙂 But I don’t really get to ‘show her off’ to people, cause she’s shy. :/ She’s even camera shy! 😛 Hehe! 🙂 Can you guess how old I am?

                  1. 😉 😀 Yes! 😛 Close! 🙂 I’m 11 though! 😉 😀 How do you pronounce your name? I’ve asked you a lot of questions, now it’s your turn! 😛

                    1. Cooool!!! 🙂 😀 I love that name! 😉
                      Umm…either the Ranger’s Apprentice series..or …Scout series! 🙂 I like the Scout series, cause it’s about a German shepherd named Scout!! 🙂 I’m an ANIMAL LOVER!! 😀 When I get a bit older, I’d love to become a Vet assistant! 😉

                    2. Thats pretty cool! I wanted to be a vet for a while, took lots of classes and was a part of 4H for a while but then I decided that being a vet wasn’t exactly my thing. But you will probably love it 🙂

                    3. Oh really?? neat. I probably would! 😉 I’ve always been an animal lover, and since we have so many animals, they get hurt sometimes, and I like to help with that stuff. And I also think it would be great to help God’s amazing Creatures get better, ya know? 😀 🙂 My horse is also great!!!
                      What are the names of all your animals? Do you have siblings?

                    4. Yes I think thats a really good goal 🙂 Well, the horse is Cocoa, the pony is Hazelnut, I’ve already told you about Annie, and the other lab is Beckham. We didn’t name the chickens lol And yes, I have 5 younger siblings

                    5. 🙂 Thanks! 😉
                      Neat!!! 🙂 Haha! Wow! Big family! 😉 I have 2 siblings! 😉 I’m the youngest of the family too! 😛 My animals are…
                      My horse is Gadget, he’s a bay.
                      My dog, Aggie.
                      My crabs, Crabby (so original right? :P), and Fred.
                      And my fish are Chubster, Cutie, Mark, and Sammie! 🙂 I’ve actually named…6 of my chickens. 😛 Nimbus (cause it’s sort of fluffy, like a cloud! XD), Wong, Weenie, Solomon, Taz, and Foof! 😉 Solomon and Foof are my two roosters! 🙂 Gotta go! Thanks so much for Chatting!! 😀

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