Happy Watermelons!

The fourth of July

So, I hope everyone has plans to celebrate Independence Day this year, if not, I will give you some of my family’s 4th of July fun things to do!

We Always Have:




Picture Time,




Tips When Choosing These Things:

TIP#1: When choosing to have a party, family is always fun, whether it is your immediate family or distant relatives, family is good no matter where you get it (just make sure they like being in watermelon-seed-fights!)!

TIP#2: Decorations on the Fourth are essential, you have to have the famous Red, White, and Blue. It can have sparkles, be shiny, anything, as long as its got at least those three colors (oh, and green can always be one of the “famous” colors if it is in a watermelon!).

TIP#3: Friends are just as fun as family, but when choosing which friends to invite, make sure that they don’t mind having watermelon seeds on them.

TIP #4: If your family and friends are like my family and friends, you better come cute and always have a smile on your face. Because, people will be taking pictures of you the whole time you are there, even when eating watermelon.

TIP#5: Fireworks are the number one fun thing on the Fourth. The way they POP, SPARK, and SHOOT into the air is beautiful, just remember that it is fire and can be dangerous, so if you want to play with sparklers, put down the watermelon first.

TIP#6: On the Fourth it is always hot (at least where I live), so water is absolutely necessary to drink as well as play in. Whether it be a pool, watermelon, sprinkler, or a day at the water-park, water is always refreshing.

TIP#7: When getting a watermelon, don’t get the seedless(!), those are just boring, you got to have watermelon seed fights on the 4th (oh, and you’ll need a jar of salt)!!

Cute pic from Google!
Cute pic from Google! I know, this is a seedless watermelon, but it is the cutest picture!




3 thoughts on “Happy Watermelons!”

  1. LOL! Love it and TOTALLY agree! But one thing is missing, homemade coffee ice cream! And while your waiting for it to freeze you can have some watermelon, and then more while watching fireworks. 😉 luv yu sista!

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