Youth For the Nations (Part Two)

Here is part two of my time at YFN! This post is going to be just for fun and about all the crazy stuff we did!

I mentioned in part one that I was in the nation of Swaziland. Yes, that is a real nation, it is found in South Africa and is very, very small. Anyways, I would go into all of the details of Swaziland and tell you all about it, but that will take up a whole other post, so I will just tell you the point of splitting into nations. The main reason is to pray for 16 different nations.

Here is the Swaziland flag
Here is the Swaziland flag

Another reason for splitting up is to play the Nation Games. The Nation Games are taken place in The Field where there is an obstacle course, mud bog, water slide, and some other objects as well as the Tower. When you first get to The Field, every nation gets together and starts doing crazy things to earn Tower Points. And I mean CRAZY things! Like this year, people were getting hit in the faces with pies, making up the funniest cheers, picking up cars (like real cars! One nation picked up a mustang!) or bleachers, anything to catch the attention of the people in the Tower. Then two separate nations go to one particular game to battle it between one another. The winner of course gets points*!

*Note: My nation won three games in a row! But we lost the fourth:( Such a sad time for us.

We also practically live off of Golden Chick all week! It is in such a convenient spot, right across the road from the campus, and has some of the best chicken ever, so we go there every day (they are also one of the only fast-food places that serve Mountain Dew!).

There was also lots of things we did in our dorms that made us laugh until we cried(!), but I can’t seem to remember what was so funny! I just remember I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard one night!

Well, that about sums up the fun things we did, and I am sure there are literally tons more, but they are just little things that you would have had to be there to get why it was funny.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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