Chess And The Fluffy, White Ball

Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Hey! It’s me Chess, I had some spare time so I figured I would tell y’all another story. This story is going to be about me and the crazy poodle that lives way down the road, Pookie (is what his owner calls him, poor guy). Cody was at camp in this particular story so he was not here to rescue me from the little white fluff-ball.

Well, it all started the exact day after Cody went to camp, I was upstairs in Cody’s room guarding the box of pizza he had under his bed. He told me specifically to make sure no one found it ’cause he likes to eat cold pizza in the mornin’. But, I don’t suppose he realized that dogs like me will enjoy a cold piece o’ pizza anytime of the day.

So there I was, sitting on the bed letting the sweet aroma of pizza call my name. I could smell the pepperonis, sausage, cheese, green and black olives, jalapenos’, and onions! Oh I could hardly stand myself, I was constantly changing positions and whining hoping the horrible temptation to eat Cody’s pizza would go away.

Then a voice of ingenues hit me. No one could eat the pizza if it was in my stomach! And Cody didn’t say how he wanted me to protect it, just to make sure no one else got it, that didn’t necessarily go for me, did it? I decided that this would be the best way to protect his pizza, so I hoped off of the bed and stuck my sniffer into the box of pizza. Oh it smelled heavenly! I was about to take a huge slice that had at least one of every topping on it when I heard the horrid sound of footsteps.

I jumped back from the bed turned my face to the door and started growling just in time to see Cody’s mother walk in. “Chess what on earth are doing? You stop growling at me this instant or you will be outside before the woodpecker makes another peck!” she said shaking her finger at me. I quit growling right away, sat down and waged my tail as if I didn’t have a care in the world, but I did have a care, I cared about that pizza, but no use letting her know that.

Cody’s mom was holding something. She was cradling it like a baby and talking to it like humans talk to babies in that high-pitched baby voice. Made me wonder if it was a baby. If it was, it was completely wrapped up in a very fluffy white blanket and I felt bad for it, looked like it would suffocate in that thing, especially in the heat outside.

Then as if coming out of a trance, Cody’s mom looked up at me quickly and said in a stern voice, “Chess, I am fixing to leave in your care the most precious and adorable animal I have ever seen and you better not cause any harm to him and you had better look out for him so I can go to the store. Do you understand me?” I wriggled all around and gave a friendly bark to show her I understood.

Boy! I get to babysit a real life baby! I can’t believe it, Cody’s mom never really paid me any attention so, I’d never thought she would leave me in charge of a real human baby!

She slowly set the little baby down on all fours, I thought the blanket would fall off so I could see its little face, but what I saw scared the pants off of me (of course that is just a figure of speech, I don’t really have pants)! It wasn’t a baby at all! It was a tiny dog that looked like a cotton ball! I am not kidding you, I jumped ’bout 20 feet in the air the second I saw eyes, nose and mouth on that white, fluffy ball!

Here is Pookie!

The second the little thing hit the ground he was running around me, jumping on the bed, wriggling his whole body all the while barking and saying, “Hey hey hey hey play with me!”

“Oh isn’t he the cutest thing?! Now you be good Chess, you better not hurt this adorable puppy!” and with that Cody’s mom walked out leaving me alone with the rowdy cotton ball.

I sat down and looked at those big eyes that were staring at me so intently. I would tilt my head one way and so would he. I tilted it the other way and he followed. I looked up and down and started shaking my head really fast and he didn’t miss a beat! So, I just sat there. For like 10 minutes, I sat staring at the little fuzz ball.

I guess he couldn’t take it any longer, ’cause he jumped up, braking the silence with a yip, and gave me a big ol’ kiss right on the nose, barked and said in that squeaky puppyish voice  “You’re a really really really really really really really really BIG dog! Wanna play? Huh huh huh?” and he started that running again, but after a couple of laps sat down and asked, “Whats your name big doggie? Or do only little dogs have names?”

“My name is Chess, and I am not a big dog, I am average size, you are just, a runt, toy, pup, not even a real dog yet. Besides, what exactly are you?” I stuck my head down and gave him a good looking over.

“Oh silly big doggie! I’m a mini Poo….pood…pod…I can’t say it. And my name is Pookie just in case you want to know what my name is big doggie.”

“Did you mean to say Poodle, Pookie?” I tried not to laugh at the poor kid’s name, but stifling it was worse, I just about blew my nose off trying to swallow the laugh, but thankfully he didn’t notice.

“Yea, I’m a mini Poodle! Pookie the Poodle, Pookie the Poodle! And Chess the…” He was jumping around chanting his name and breed but stopped suddenly, “what kinda doggie are you Chess?”

“I am a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, say that 5 times fast Fluffy.” He started laughing and quickly started talking.

“Chess the Chesa….Cheesa….Cheesecake Blue River! Chess the Cheesecake Blue River!” He started laughing and jumping on the bed, “Chess the Cheesecake Blue River!”

The kid was calling me a Cheesecake Blue River, but I didn’t have the heart to correct him! I just sat there watching him jump on the bed laughing like he didn’t have anything better to do, he was pretty cute, but I hoped Cody’s mom got home soon, don’t know how much more of this my nerves could handle.

I turned my back for a second and got a drink out of the bathroom, Cody keeps my food and water in the bathroom, I figured I would go ahead and say that because for some reason everyone thinks dogs drink out of the toilet, that is just disgusting! Anyways, I stopped lapping just in time to hear absolute silence, it sounded nice, but kinda worried me, where had the little dog run off to?

I bolted out of the bathroom and was fixing to run through the door when I caught something white and fluffy in my side-vision, I stopped running and slammed right into the doorpost! I stood up and shook my now pounding head and looked in the direction of the object that caused my pounding skull. I stood in horror as I saw the little pest eating all of Cody’s pizza!

He was covered from head to tail in pizza sauce and he swallowed the last bite before I even thought about what was happening. He looked up at me and grinned with a piece of sausage stuck to his nose and said in an all too happy voice, “That was yummy! I never had anything that tasted that good before! Whats it called?”

I couldn’t talk, I stood there with my mouth hangin’ open not wanting to believe what my eyes were telling me. Right when I was about to set out and look for my voice, I heard, “Pookie, baby doll, where are you?” It was Cody’s mother.

Pookie’s little ears perked up and he gave a loud yip and took off down stairs leaving a pizza sauce trail behind him. I slowly walk over to the empty pizza box and closed it gently. I laid my head on it and couldn’t help but to cry a little! Then I sat up and pushed the box under the bed and walked down the hall to think of what to do next, when I heard Cody’s mother yell at the top of her lungs, “Chess what have you done to poor Pookie?!” Thats when I knew it was time to go for a nice long run outside.


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