Chess Goes to the Zoo!

Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Hey! Its Chess again, hope y’all want to hear another story, because today’s story is about the lovely time Cody, Kody-with-a-K and I went to the zoo. Kody-with-a-K was taking care of Pookie so he got to come along too*.

*If you don’t know why I call Cody’s best friend, Kody-with-a-K and want to find out, you may click here to read part one and here to read part two. Also, you may click here if you want to know how Pookie and I met. Now, time for the story!

This lovely story begins with a bang, literally! It was an extremely hot day in the middle of July and I was lounging next to the cold, stone fireplace in the living room. The air conditioner vent was pointed right on me and I was feeling pretty good. I guess I dozed off because I was having a pretty wacky dream.

In the dream, I was on top of a huge mountain, I had a red cape with blue lettering that spelled “Wonder Dog” across the back, along with a red mask. My cape and fur was blowing in the wind as I gazed to the heavens with that hero look upon my face. I heard a small noise far down below me that sounded like a cry for help. I looked down in the exact direction of where the sound was coming from and then I did something that I never would have done in this life, I dove off of that mountain head first, howling as the wind flew past me and steering my way in a zig-zag formation to rescue the unknown cry for help.

I was nearing the tops of the trees much too fast, but I didn’t slow, no instead I ducked my head and turned my entire body vertical so as to pick up amazing speed to swoop in and save whoever needed saving in a hero-like way!

The path was open and I was flying fast through an open river headed straight for a little kitten who was stuck in a tree, why I would be dreaming about helping cats, I don’t know but like I said this was a pretty wacky dream, and then a tree just pops up in my way and I smack right into it! I felt the speed of which I was going slam full force into this piece of wood.

When I came to this part of my dream, I woke up and leapt out of my cozy spot, throwing a massive pillow off of my back and ran right smack into Cody. He was laughing very hard at the bottom of the stairs. He looked like he couldn’t breathe very well and it concerned me, why would anyone laugh that hard and over what? After a couple of minutes of me staring at him, he said giggling (wait, do boys giggle? Don’t think so, so I guess it was more of a chuckle), “Chess, what were you dreaming about buddy? I threw that pillow at you and you flew out of your skin!”

Oh, so that’s where that crazy pillow came from, I didn’t think I fell asleep with one but one can never be too sure. No wonder I felt the jerk of the tree in my dream, Cody must have amazing timing and threw that pillow just as I dreamed I ran into a tree.

“Come on Chess, we gotta go pick up Kody then we can head to the zoo.” He jumped down from the stairs and we raced out the door, I won of course, I always win when I race a human. I jumped in the back of Cody’s pick-up and we went to Kody-with-a-K’s house next-door.

I stayed in the truck while Cody went in and got her and, to my dismay, that little fluff ball Pookie. Kody-with-a-K was holding him like he was some expensive toy, which I guess he is but you know what I mean.

Anyways, Pookie got to ride in the cab with the two humans while I got to ride in the back with my fur and tongue flying all around, it felt so good! I looked up in the sky at all the pretty clouds and suddenly remembered my dream, it started out with my fur blowing in the wind and me looking to the sky, and it ended…..uh oh……no this dream cannot come true it’s just a dream. I sat down in the bed and tried to keep every bit of me out of the wind, just in case.

We pulled into the zoo parking lot and I saw a really pretty dog, she was a gorgeous English Pointer walking beside a young lady with a cat-carrier in her hand, they were fixing to walk into the entrance to the zoo. I couldn’t resist, I had to go say hi and introduce myself to this picture of perfection before they got out of my sight. I jumped right out of the moving truck and was running to the pretty Pointer. Cody parked the car and yelled at me to get back over there, but I didn’t slow, no instead I ducked my head so I could pick up more speed and swoop in and look like some mighty……oh no…..not the dream again! I stopped dead in my tracks. I didn’t like the way this day was going, so I said to myself, “I’m staying away from every tree in this here zoo no matter what it looks like!”

“Chess I can’t believe you just jumped out of the truck! You’ve never done that in all the years I’ve known you, whats gotten into to ya?” Cody clipped on that horrid leash and we waited for Pookie and his Kody to catch up to us, Pookie was also on a leash and actually walking on his own legs! When they caught up, we walked into the zoo and started looking at all of the different animals from A to Z.

I was scanning the area looking for that angel when I heard, “Chess?” Pookie has always had the squeakiest voice I ever heard, so I knew it was him who was talking before I even looked, “How come you jumped out of the truck earlier? You could have gotten real hurt if you didn’t get so lucky.”

“Well Pookie, when you’re a big dog like me sometimes you do crazy things just impress certain people-er-dogs. I don’t expect you to understand, Squirt. Not ’till you’re older anyway.”

He thought a minute before asking, “So, who was you impressin’?”

“Uh, no one in particular, just, uh, everyone, yea, I was impressin’ everyone!” That was a good cover up. Wish I could have thought of it at the beginning of the sentence.

“You didn’t impress me.” He said this so blunt I was kinda shocked, I just stopped, but not for long ’cause Cody started yanking on the leash, but still, I didn’t know what to say. Luckily, I didn’t need to say anything ’cause he just kept on talking, “If you wanted to impress me, you could have done like a triple back flip out of the truck, not just some little old jump that barely cleared the tail-gate. I thought you were going to smack your back legs off, but you pulled ’em up just in time, I’ll give you that.” He looked up at me with eyes full of innocence, but I knew he meant every word of it.

“Maybe I wasn’t trying to impress you Pookie, or anyone out here, maybe I wasn’t trying to impress at all, my stomach was giving me problems and I felt like I would be sick so I jumped out of the car!” Pookie looked at me with a look that said he didn’t believe me and then said in a matter-of-fact tone, “Normally, when your stomach hurts you don’t jump out of a car and run as fast as you can to who-knows-where.”

I groaned, this kid might be little but he sure knows how drag information out of a body. “Okay, I give up, there was a nice looking dog over by the entrance gate and I wanted to introduce myself to her before she and her friends entered the park, okay, no big deal, so please no more questions. Please!” Now that the kid knew my business, I didn’t know what to think, I just looked away from him and continued me search for the girl who just caused me embarrassment, not that she actually did anything-

“Chess, if you are looking for her, which I think you are, she is right over there underneath that tree.”

“Where?” He pointed and I saw her beautiful face staring up into the tree, she was circling the tree and whining like there was a squirrel or something up there. I had to figure out a way to get Cody to go over there.

To my surprise, Cody and Miss Kody started walking over there to her! Without me doing anything! Since I had been giving Cody a little trouble all day I decided to make it right by valiantly striding in front of him, getting my own little beat going.

“Chess, you are the craziest dog.” Cody said this over Kody-with-a-K’s giggles. I turned my head backwards to look at them, but did not break my stride, that set Miss Kody into another fit of giggles, so I started wagging my tail and swaying from side to side as I kept the rhythm, felt like I was break-dancing, got my head a bobbin’ too! Thats when Cody got to laughing, since I love to make Cody laugh, I started adding more moves. Then Pookie’s squeaky voice shouted, “Chess watch out for the-” THUNK “tree, oh poor Chess, your heads gonna hurt for like a week after that one.”

Oh my head! Forget my head, my ears are hurting worse from all the laughter! I am not kidding, Cody, Pookie, Kody-with-a-K, the love of my life, and everyone that saw me hit the tree (which was like everyone in the zoo!) was laughing very hard. I tucked my tail and started whining and looked up at Cody with those puppy eyes that always make him give in when I want to go with him, but he started laughing harder. Pookie was on his back kicking and laughing. Cody dropped the leash and fell on his back as he laughed until he was crying. Even the pretty Pointer was laughing with that cat she came in with.

Well, I had had enough of this, so I grabbed the leash in between my teeth and ran all the way back to the truck without stopping. I was dodging in and out of people and ignoring Cody’s pleas for me to stop. I gave a big leap and landed a front-flip into the bed of the truck! I laid down in the truck, covered my head with my paws and didn’t talk to Cody or Pookie or anyone until I got home.

I don’t care how good it feels, I will NEVER fall asleep in front of the stone fire-place again and dream some embarrassing dream ever again! And that is that!


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