Book Review: Into the Whirlwind by Elizabeth Camden

Into the Whirlwind

“I received this book from the Bethany House publishers for an honest review. All comments and opinions are my own”

I will type the back of the book so you know what the story is about before I start telling you how much I love Into the Whirlwind!

“As owner of the 57th Illinois Watch Company, Mollie Knox’s future looks bright until the night the legendary Great Chicago Fire destroys her beloved city. With her world crumbling around her, Mollie will do whatever it takes to rebuild in the aftermath of the devastating fire.

Zack Kazmarek, an influential attorney for one of Chicago’s finest department stores, is a force to be reckoned with among the city’s most powerful citizens. Bold and shrewd, he’s accustomed to getting exactly what he wants–until he meets Mollie Knox, the beguiling businesswoman just beyond his reach.

As the people of the Chicago race to rebuild, Mollie comes face-to-face with the full force of Zack’s influence. Zack believes this may be his chance to win her, but can Mollie ever accept this man and his whirlwind effect on her life, especially with her treasured company on the line?”

I think I say this about every book I get, but I am not kidding, I loved this book! It had so many good values and an excellent story line that this is my new favorite book, like all time favorite (I know, I think every new book I post about ends up getting the title “My new favorite”, but I think this one sets the bar a little to high for any other book to beat!)!

This book re-lived the tragic event in such amazing detail that I felt like I was there as the fire raged through the famous city of Chicago. Elizabeth Camden (the author) did a very well job at keeping the detail enough to help you understand, but not too much detail so as to just fill up the paper with words.

Zack Kazmarek is by far my favorite character. He is unpredictable through the entire story, besides of course the fact that he is insanely in love with Mollie. I love Zack’s personality, although he is not the most likable character in the book (does that even make sense?). I guess I mean that some people might have highly disliked Zack, although to me, he made the book all that much better.

I mentioned earlier that this book had a lot of moral values in it, like a certain young girl that Zack and Mollie rescue during the fire, named Sophie, has always had everything she has ever asked for because of her family’s fortune. She is a very difficult child, always saying she hates the burned downed church that they are using for shelter and never wanting to help when everyone pitches in to build smaller “rooms”. Everyone dreads being around her and is excited when her father comes to pick her up. However, when Mollie comes across the little girl again, Sophie begs Mollie to take her back to the church so she can do something “hard”. All Sophie wanted was to be given responsibility and not be treated like a princess. She wanted someone to lead her, not let her be the leader and that was a very good point that was made in this book.

I could go on all day about how much I love this book, so just know, this book is an amazing read and I encourage you to read it soon! I promise, it is so worth it!


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