Book Review: Cowgirl Trail by Susan Page Davis

Cowgirl Trail

“I received this book from Moody Publishers for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are my own.”

Cowgirl Trail is book 5 in the series called The Texas Trails. The Texas Trails books are all about a member in the Morgan family as they travel through the generations. Most of the family members are mentioned in this book, and some even come to visit at the end, but any of these books can be read as a stand alone.

Cowgirl Trail is about a young cowgirl named Maggie Porter and the foreman of her and her father’s ranch, Alex Bright*. Maggie and Alex have been in love with each other since they met but both of them think the other one hates them, so they have never really talked about anything other than the ranch.

After Maggie’s mother dies, the ranch starts going bankrupt, but Mr. Porter is too prideful to tell Maggie and takes out his anxiety on the ranch-hands, causing them to strike. On top of that, Maggie finds out that her father is dying from cancer and that he dreads leaving her a ranch with tons of debt and no workers, therefore adding to his stress.

Not wanting the cattle that the men left in holding pens to die of thirst, she rounds up a dozen or more women from her town to finish what the men started in the spring round-up. But she needs to figure out how to take them all the way to Fort Worth so she can sell them. With a herd of 1600 cattle, Maggie only has a dozen women willing to help her take these cattle on the trail that can last up to a month. But Alex and the men are mad because they were replaced by a bunch of girls in skirts, and the girls are actually handling the ranch as good as they were!

Will Maggie and her band of cowgirls be able to make it to the stockyards before the prices are too low or will a group of outlaws succeed in stampeding their herd so they loose more than they sell?

* Even though neither of the main characters name is Morgan, Alex’s mother is Billy Morgan and her story is book 2, Captive Trail, so Alex is the Morgan is this book!

I enjoyed reading this book, although it was pretty emotional with all the stuff her dad was keeping from her. It did have a good amount of action to match with the emotion, and also a bit of humor. Even though I liked this book, I probably won’t be reading it again any time soon, just because it didn’t hold my attention as long as I had anticipated.

Just a side note, from all the reviews and comments I have been reading, I have noticed that the order of these books have been kind of hard to figure out, so I am going to list the order of the books here:

Book 1: Lone Star Trail

Book 2: Captive Trail

Book 3: Long Trail Home

Book 4: A Ranger’s Trail

Book 5: Cowgirl Trail

and Book 6: End of the Trail

Thank y’all for reading!


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