Beautiful Broken Bow

My family and I went to Broken Bow, Oklahoma last week for a much-needed vacation. We rented a cabin that had a pool table, horse-shoes and a hot tub for pleasure. Our cabin for the week was called the Country Star and it was truly country. With beautiful lamps, pictures, furniture, and stairs it was definitely worth the visit. The back deck is where the hot tub and pool table was found, accompanied with a stone fire-place and charcoal grill. And just beyond the deck was a little fire-pit with chairs around, and beyond that, was where the horse-shoes game was set up.

Inside the cabin, you found a small but decent living room with two black leather couches, a small, round wooden table, a flat-screen television, and a beautiful wall-hanging quilt that was tan with a picture of a horse and rider roping a cow, all colored in black. Just off of the living room was a very nice size restroom with cabinets that held pretty red towels. The kitchen was fairly small, but yet made up for size with beauty. It had a very nice bar with interesting looking chairs, that were not the comfiest in the world, but really nice. The Master bedroom was off of the kitchen and was a very decent size, there was even a door to the back deck.

On your way back to the deck was a staircase, up the stair case were two rooms, one to the left immediately at the top of the staircase and one at the other end of the bridge. The bedroom at the immediate top had two twin beds and a queen with a small television that plays VHS and DVD. Lexie, Garett, and Maggie shared this room while all learning how to play harmonicas. There was lots and lots of “The Saints’ Go Marching In” as the three mastered the song.

If you turn right at the top of the stairs you will walk across a bridge and into the Master bedroom of the upstairs. It has one king-size bed with a television that only plays what is on the television downstairs. And this room had a special feature, a very lovely balcony that had a single chair, the ideal reading spot. Of course, MaKenzie and I shared this room while both finishing a book each.

The first day of our vacation was on Sunday, we drove straight to Oklahoma with only one stop, Cracker Barrel, which is where the three youngsters purchased their harmonicas (with the rule of no playing them in the car). Once in Broken Bow and at the right cabin (for we had circled past the Country Star at least three times) we unloaded, claimed rooms, and relaxed by playing pool, horse-shoes, and sitting in the hot tub (well, Garett and Maggie were actually swimming in tiny circles).

Monday, we all slept in real late, had a scrumptious breakfast, then daddy took MaKenzie and I kayaking. I’d say we were on the very cold river for about 2 and a half, maybe 3 hours. We went down rapids single-file, which was a bad idea, because when the leader got jammed on a rock, the middle rider was even more stuck trying to dodge the leader, and it ended very badly for the caboose, who was nearly dumped out of her kayak and wedged between two rocks. And sadly, I was the caboose pretty much every rapid, but it was fun all the same.

Tuesday, the whole family went to the lake. We took the jet ski and I pulled MaKenzie and Maggie on the tube, as well as daddy who was knee-boarding. The lake was like a mirror, flat and glassy. There were no waves except for the ones the jet ski made and it was just beautiful. There were mountains far off in the distance that showed the fluffy, white cloud’s shadows like a painting. Mommy, MaKenzie, Gavin and I went back to the cabin early because little toot-a-roo needed a nap.

Wednesday, we packed everything up, checked the rooms about 4 times each, and were on our way back to Texas by 11:00 a.m. on the dot. We were home around 4:15 that evening and glad to be out of the car. Isn’t it funny how it always takes longer to get home than it does to leave home?

We had a blast in Broken Bow, Oklahoma and look forward to going again sometime soon!*

*I was very glad to get 3 hours of driving time in on my sheet for my license! LOL


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