Chess’s Re-encounter With Princess Pea

Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Hey everyone! Chess here, y’all wanna hear another story? Good, I hoped you’d say yes. Let’s see, what story should I tell today, perhaps the time I went bull riding? No, no, to intense for this crowd, hmm, how ’bout the time I stole a plane and flew it all the way to California just to see Prin?! What, did you just ask “Who’s Prin”? What do you mean you’ve never heard of Prin, I just told you about her in the last story. Oh, well hog-tie me and call me a pig, I never said her name did I? That was because I didn’t know it at the time. Oh, well then that is today’s story, the second time I met the perfection of beauty and actually talked to her.

It was about two or three months after I ran into the tree at the zoo and high-tailed it outa there in sheer embarrassment. I was lounging on the front porch waiting for the mailman so I could chase him away. Not that I have anything against the mailman, it’s just that I’m a dog and dogs always chase the mailman so I’m just keeping the tradition going.

Anyways, the mailman was right on time with the mail, like he always is, and I jumped off the porch and went howling after his jeep. I was barking, not paying attention to where I was going and chased him for a pretty long time, he’d turn real fast and I’d have to dodge to keep from running into someone’s mailbox! This kept up ’till he pulled out on the highway, I don’t like being around all them crazy cars, so I turned around and started back home panting from the long run. Wow, I’d never gone that far before, guess I was really getting into it.

Don’t guess I ever realized how long our road was either, my legs were burning like fire after about an hour of walking. I must have been running pretty fast for it take me this long to get back home just ’cause I’m walking, kinda made me think about entering a marathon, maybe I could win some big prizes. I was wondering what the prizes might be for winning the race when I came up to Pookie’s house. I headed up the driveway just for a quick pop-in. Even though the kid is not my best friend, he still deserves the honor of having Chess visit every now and then.

Wait a minute, I’d never seen this house before. Did Pookie’s folks remodel? I took a quick peek around to see if anything looked the same besides the driveway. Nope, this definitely was not Pookie’s house, I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, but I don’t remember there ever being a turn that I could take wrong. It was a straight shot. I sat down a second in front of the real big house and looked back and forth up the roads, trying to figure out where I was. I was fixing to back-track and head back the way I’d come when I got a weird feeling, like someone was watching me. I slowly turned my head around and caught a glimpse of something pulling its head back real fast behind the barn door, the door slammed shut.

I started shivering, how long had that thing been looking at me? Should I run or go figure out what it was? Of course I didn’t want it to think I was some scaredy-cat so I jumped up and trotted over to the barn all noble like. But, the closer I got to the barn, the more my steps became slower and more cautious. I was tip-toeing by the time I was a tail’s length away from the big door.

I figured that I would have to go inside if I wanted to know what was in there, so, I took a big, deep breath and used my paw to quietly open the door, only the door slipped from my paw and slammed shut again. When that big piece of wood slammed shut I froze, thought something was going to come and get me! After a couple of minutes I tried again, and what do ya know, it slammed shut again!

This went on for a while, I would open, then it would slam, open, slam, open, slam. I was beginning to care less and less about what was going to get me, all I wanted was to be able to open that crazy door! I finally stood up on my hind-legs and placed my front paws on the door with the intentions of pulling the heavy door backwards. I wagged my tail three times to signal the count down and gave a mighty pull! Only to fall flat on my back-end. Man, this door sure was stubborn.

I wasn’t leaving until I was inside this barn! I stuck my paw through the little crack under the door and slowly pulled the door open while I was hopping on three legs backwards! Once I had pulled the door all the way open I slipped my paw out and took off at a dead run into the barn, I didn’t want it to slam on me again!

The second I was inside I started doing a happy dance, jumping around barking a couple of times, I even turned around and shook my tail at the door! I was really getting into it when I heard a slight giggling from the other end of the barn. It was pretty dark in that barn and I couldn’t see very well, but I saw enough to make me embarrassed! There was a dog sitting on a square bale of hay that looked like he owned the world.

I walked back there and introduced myself as if nothing had happened, “Well, howdy neighbor! Sure is beautiful out there ain’t it? My name is Chess.”

I heard giggling that sounded much too much like Kody-with-a-K’s that I had to look behind me to see if she was there.

“Hello to you as well, and yes I agree, it is pretty outside. My name is Princess Pea, but all my friends call me Prin, so you can do the same.”

English Pointer
Princess Pea, better known as Prin, the English Pointer.

Woa! I was not expecting a female’s voice! She talked so sophisticated that it made me want to watch my grammar a bit. I was fixing to reply, but she beat me to it.

“Why, aren’t you that dog I saw at the zoo a while ago? The one that ran into that tree?”

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. This was the same gorgeous Pointer I had tried to get the attention of so desperately and humiliated myself instead! I didn’t know whether to be excited or mad.

“Well, are you?” She tilted her head to the side.

“Um, yes I would assume so, unless of course I’m not the only dog that thinks running into trees is fun.”

“Fun? You looked quite embarrassed when it happened, and just to clarify, I was not laughing at you, I felt sorry for you, but I couldn’t stop laughing at that little Poodle! He was rolling around and kicking, and his little laugh was just adorable!” I guess Miss Prin was remembering what Pookie’s laugh sounded like cause she started laughing.

“Yes, Pookie does have the cutest laugh I ever heard. And you’re right, I was pretty embarrassed, but no matter, I just like making people laugh, especially my boy, Cody.”

“Oh! You know the little Poodle? His name is Pookie? That is even more adorable!” She did that girlish giggle again.

“Yep, I watch the kid from time to time. But listen, I’m kind of, um, turned around at the moment. I gotta get home before Cody gets there or he’ll be awful worried, so if you could just tell me which street I’m on, I’m pretty sure I can make it back pretty fast.”

“He he, you’re lost!”

“I am not lost, I know which city I’m in, and what state and all that I just need to know what street! I can find my way back once I know what street I’m on!”

“Okay okay, I was just joshing with you. You’re on Branch Street, Chess, that is your name right? Chess?”

“Branch Street! Oh, so I could have just kept going straight and I would have come out straight on Sycamore Street, all right, thank ya ma’am! And yes Chess is the name, but listen honey I’d love to stay and talk, but like I said I better get home to make sure Cody ain’t to worried about me.”

“He he! Of course, come back and visit any time, and you’re welcome to bring Pookie too, I’d love to meet him!”

We both walked out of the barn making idle chit-chat and then I bid her farewell as I took off down the street. I made it home very quickly and was sitting on the porch when Cody pulled up with Kody-with-a-K sitting in the passenger seat. They both jumped out of the truck and raced up the porch steps and into the house without even saying hello. Crazy humans, I could have stayed with Miss Prin all day and they probably wouldn’t have even noticed.


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