Book Review: A Home For My Heart by Anne Mateer

A Home For My Heart

“I received this book from Bethany House Publishing for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are my own.”

“Sadie Sillsby works as the assistant to the matron at the Raystown Home for Orphan and Friendless Children, pouring all her energy into caring for the boys and girls who live there and dreaming of the day she’ll marry her beau, Blaine, and have children of her own. But when the matron surprises everyone by announcing her own engagement , Sadie is suddenly next in line for the esteemed job of running the orphanage.

There’s one glitch. The matron cannot be married. She most focus her attention on the financial, legal, and logistical matters of the Home. Sadie’s heart is torn. Should she give up her life with Blaine in order to continue serving these children who have no one else? Does she, a young woman who was once an orphan herself, have what it takes to succeed in such a challenging carrier? And when the future of the Home begins to look bleak, can Sadie turn things around before the place is forced to close forever?”

I love reading stories that are written in a first-person point of view and this one was very well written. I enjoyed how Sadie described things and how she loved the children in the Home. However, I was quickly board with the story line and was not even interested in finishing the book. I might someday finish the book, but I really have no interest in it at the present time. I am sure the author did an amazing job and that the book is full of good values, but this type of story is just not for me.


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