Chess’s Second Thanksgiving Preparation (!)

Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Hello my human friends, I am here to tell you more about my fantastic Thanksgiving preparations. Just in case you are wondering, my first preparation is turning out beautifully! I have been working out like a big dog and I just know I will be ready for Thanksgiving dinner. I am also feeling pretty good. But y’all don’t want to hear that, y’all want to know what else I have been preparing for the feast. So I’ll tell ya, the next preparation I made was yesterday.

Now yesterday, Cody didn’t have school, so instead of him hurrying out the door to chase down the bus, he was sitting at the table, still in his pjs, and eating way to many pancakes. I would normally be begging at his feet and hoping for a piece to hit the floor, but not anymore! I am making room for Thanksgiving! So instead, I was just lying on my stomach in front of the unlit fireplace, waiting for Cody to finish eating.

Finally, after like 10 pancakes, Cody got up from the table and washed his plate. Then he came and sat down on my favorite chair, and stared at the fireplace. I looked at the fireplace, then at Cody, and then the fireplace again. I didn’t know what he was staring at. Then all the sudden he jumped up and said “Chess, let’s go up in the attic and get some decorations for that boring fireplace. It needs some orange leaves and pumpkins or something.”  I didn’t have a choice but to go with him. I groaned and got to my feet, then stretched.

“Well, come on lazy bones. We don’t have all day.” How Cody could move that fast after eating that many pancakes is beyond me. When I eat a lot of food, I have to take a nice long nap afterwards.

I caught up to Cody at the bottom of the staircase that leads to the attic and paused. Don’t know why, but I never did like that attic, or any attic for that matter. Who knows what you’ll find up there. I sat down and decided I had better wait for Cody down here and catch whatever he drops when he comes down. It never fails, he always drops something!

“Scaredy Cat.” Cody was at the top looking at me with look that said he couldn’t believe what I was doing. I barked a couple of times to tell him that I was just going to stay there and wait for him. He shook his head and said “Fine, stay here.” And then he disappeared into that creepy room.

I sat down at the bottom of the stairs and stared up into the dark hole. I heard Cody moving boxes around and became very bored so I laid down and decided to take a quick nap. But right before I dozed off a question suddenly came to me, why is Cody looking for leaves in the attic? There are millions of them outside, plenty to cover the fireplace, dang, I could decorate the whole house with all the leaves that are outside. I sat up and tried to come up with an explanation, but humans are just to complicated for me.

Unless he had a tree up there, there ain’t no way he would find leaves, and that is a fact. And I am pretty sure that if there was a tree up there, it would be dead. He would be up there the rest of his life looking for non-existent leaves and I would be sitting at the bottom of the stairs bored out of my mind!

Then I had a brilliant idea, I could decorate the whole house with leaves so that Cody got to come down from the attic! Cody wouldn’t have to keep digging through those dirty boxes to find leaves that were never there, I could have fresh pretty ones everywhere, boy, it would smell good in there too!

I jumped up, took off through the house and out the back door to put my plan into action. When I stepped outside, I immediately was hit with the sweet aroma of Sweet Gum leaves, Pine needles, and all kinds of lovely smelling leaves! I just stood there and took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Oh, the smell of the outdoors!

 I jumped down from the porch and went to the garage to look for a bucket of some sort to gather the leaves in. It didn’t take long to find one, Cody is weirdly obsessed with cool looking buckets and has about a million of them all over the property. But I like the normal white ones, so that is the one I carried all over the yard tossing leaves into!

I had all sorts of leaves to choose from, but I wanted only the best to go into the house, and Cody specifically said he wanted orange ones, so I had more orange than any other color. However, I wanted lots of dark red and purple too, so those were the next ones that had the most.

After my bucket was as full as it could get, I slipped the handle in my mouth and walked into the house through the back door, Cody’s folks always leave the door open and the screen door closed, but I can open the screen door easy.

I walked right into the living room and set the bucket down on the coffee table. I looked at the fire-place and around the room to see if by some strange chance, Cody had found leaves before me, but it was still as dull as we had left it. The lights were dimmed, so it was real shadowy throughout the room, and it was just plain boring to look at. No wonder Cody thought it needed color!

But not any longer! I quickly grabbed a mouthful of leaves and started tossing them all over the room! In the chairs, on the fire-place, in the corners, and up on the mantel. But my bucket of leaves got empty way faster than it got filled up. So, I had to go get more leaves.

I ran outside and filled up my bucket and then ran inside to empty my bucket. I was running all over the place trying to decorate the house. Finally, I had decided that I had enough leaves and went inside to truly admire my work.

It was beautiful! I had leaves in every room except the attic and the bedrooms, but that was still a lot of rooms! There were green and yellow leaves with beautiful splashes of orange and deep dark red and purple all throughout the house and I was very pleased with my work. I just had to see Cody’s face.

I ran to the bottom of the attic stairs and started barking with everything I had. It didn’t take long for Cody to come down and the second I saw him I took off running into the living room so he could see my creation. When I got to the living room I ran and jumped on my favorite chair and sat waiting for Cody.

“Chess what is all the—–Oh my! CHESS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” He leaned against the door frame and looked completely shocked, “What am I gonna tell Mom?” He looked towards the kitchen and then looked and acted scared, “Chess, how much of the house did you throw leaves on?” He walked into the kitchen and slowly made our way to every room I had decorated. I was so proud of myself, because when we got back into the living room he said, “Well, at least I don’t have to go back to the attic, but Chess, you could have at least made sure I knew what you were doing! I guess I have a little straightening up to do.” He took a deep breath and then looked at me with a puzzling look and said “Sometimes I wish you could talk, so I could know what goes on in that head of yours.”

We walked into the kitchen and Cody looked at my decorations again, smiled a big smile, and said more to himself than to me, “You know, it is really pretty, you can see all the different colors and it smells amazing!”

Job complete! I am even closer to being ready for Thanksgiving!


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