Chess’s Third Thanksgiving Preparation!

Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Welcome back to the Thanksgiving Preparations on Accelerate the Jesus Movement and here is you host, Chess C. B. Retriever! Okay, just kidding, but seriously welcome back! I know you are just to excited to ask how my first and second preparations turned out, so I will just go ahead and answer! The first one is still going pretty good, I am still working out and watching what I eat, but not near as crazy as when I started.

And as for the decorations, well, Cody’s mom wasn’t very happy with it and called all my hard work “nothing but a mess” and told Cody that he had to take all the leaves back outside where they belong. But Cody is a very good buddy and came up with a solution! He got some old card-board boxes and glue and instead of throwing all the leaves back outside, we glued the prettiest ones to the boxes and set them on the mantel and in different corners. When we were done, there were pretty leafy boxes throughout the house and Cody’s mom said that it looked very nice! So now that that is out of the way, I will tell y’all about my latest preparations, which happened a few days ago.

Kody-with-a-K was at our house doing homework with Cody on this particular day, so I was kind of by myself. Oh I was in the room with them, but they weren’t talking to me. So, I decided to take a nap in my favorite chair. I was fixing to fall into a wonderful dream when all of a sudden, one of their crazy cellphones went off and my eyelids just had to pop open! Turns out, it was Cody’s cellphone, and the person calling was Pookie’s folks wanting to know if Cody could watch Pookie for the day, and to my dismay, he said yes.

So, less than 15 minutes later, Pookie was running around the house yipping like crazy and then having Kody-with-a-K carrying him around. I tried to ignore the kid and it worked, for about 5 minutes. The second he saw me, he leaped out of Kody-with-a-K’s arms and flew into me, all the while yipping his heart’s content.

“Chess, Chess, Chess, I haven’t seen you in ages! What do you want to do today? Huh? What about swimming? Huh Chess are you gonna answer me? Wanna go swimming?” He stood right in front of me with his nose inches away from mine. I yawned before answering in a sleepy voice, “No Pookie, the swimming season is over, the water is just to cold for us to take a dip, why, didn’t you see the snow on the ground when you came over here?”

“Well, ya Chess, I seen the snow, but I thought water was warmer than the outside air, every time I take a bath it’s always warmer in the water than when they take me out.” Oh, bless his little heart, sometimes he drives me crazy and others he is such a joy! I guess now is one of those “such-a-joy” times.

“Well, Pookie, when you take a bath they have the warm water turned on in the tub, when we go swimming, there ain’t no switch to turn on warm or cold water, it is warm if its warm outside and cold if its cold outside. You understand?”

He looked up at me and said in the matter-of-fact tone that he has mastered, “The water can’t be that cold. Let’s go, I wanna go swimming!” He yipped and started dancing and spinning around in circles while chanting, “Swimming, swimming, swimming!”

I couldn’t take much longer of this so I said above all his noise, “Okay, okay, squirt, we’ll go down to the water hole and I’ll show you how cold that water is! When you stick that tongue of your’s in the water, it’ll be an ice-cube in about three seconds! But, if you wanna feel the water, then I would enjoy the fresh cold air in my lungs, come on.”

And with that, I started walking into the kitchen with little Pookie prancing in front of me. When we got to the kitchen, I overheard Cody and his mom talking about the turkey they were going to stuff for Thanksgiving. I paused a second to dream about the aroma of the delicious bird and got all excited for Thanksgiving again!

“Kody, wanna come help me get the turkey? We can finish homework when we get back.” Cody had a glass of milk in one hand and a chocolate chip cookie in the other when he asked Kody-with-a-K. She replied, “Sure, but I gotta be home by five.” And with that, they walked out the door, each with a handful of cookies.

Now that they were gone, I remembered that I was supposed to be taking Pookie to the swimming hole and turned around to find him but he was gone! I ran outside thinking that he went to the hole without me, but I saw his little footprints in the snow going the opposite direction of the swimming hole! He was headed for the open field! The one that the neighbor’s hunt in! They might mistake him for a rabbit and….Oh no!

I took off after the trail and trying to find him before he got him self into a heap of trouble. He must’ve gotten a pretty good head start because I couldn’t find him anywhere. I finally made it to the gate that led to the open field and sure enough, the little tracks went right under the fence and into the white meadow.

I crawled under the fence and was fixen to let out a howl when I noticed something weird about the tracks. I looked at them real close and came to the conclusion that either Pookie has two legs that look like bird feet and two that look like dog’s, or Pookie was chasing some kind of bird. But I am pretty sure it was my second theory. Or maybe, some kind of bird was chasing Pookie!

At that thought I let out my hunting bawl and took off as fast as I could following the tracks. I ran and ran, howling so Pookie would know that I was on my way. Then far off in the distance I heard his little yips. The second those little sounds went into my ears, I hit the boost button and was going even faster. But I only ran that fast for about five seconds because I heard a weird gobbling noise that made me stop for a breath.

A gobble could only mean one thing, a turkey! Pookie was getting chased by a turkey, poor guy, he must be scared out of his wits! I yelled at the top of my lungs “Pookie! I’m coming to save ya!” Then I let out another bawl and took off again! I finally caught sight of the little fuzz-ball and the turkey and couldn’t believe what I saw. The turkey was running in front of Pookie while flapping it’s wings just tormenting the poor little guy, and Pookie was bouncing up and down running after the turkey trying to make it think he was tough. He was doing such a good job, that if I didn’t know better, I would think that Pookie was chasing the turkey!

I quickly caught up with the both of them and decided I would show that turkey who was boss. I ran after him while I barked and every now and then I would snap at his tail-feathers and that would make him run faster!

Then I got so caught up in the chase that I just had to catch the overgrown bird, but right about the time I had decided to grab him, he took off into the air a couple of feet above me. Without thinking about it, I leapt of the ground and had his legs between my teeth and pulled him down to the ground (I’ve down this before when I was hunting with Cody).

I held the flapping bird by the feet and then heard Pookie all excited that I had caught him. I was fixen to let the poor, terrified creature go when I remembered that Cody and Kody-with-a-K were looking for a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, wouldn’t that be nice of me to bring one home for them? So I had a new plan.

I held on to the turkey a little harder and Pookie and I took off back towards the house with our tribute to Thanksgiving dinner! When we got to the yard I saw that Cody was already back, so I ran as fast as I could into the kitchen with the bird still flapping trying to get away, and Pookie right on my heels. Boy this turkey sure was a fighter!

Once I got into the kitchen, I let the turkey go right in front of everyone! Cody’s mom and Kody-with-a-K screamed as the bird flew up to the ceiling and all around the room! It even flew into the living room and back into the kitchen all the while gobbling!

“CHESS! Why did you bring that thing in here?!” Cody jumped up on the table in the kitchen and in a quick movement (not as quick and smooth as mine), grabbed the turkey and had a small fight with it as it tried to get away from him. He walked outside with it flapping in his face and let the bird go as soon as the door was open. Then he came back in and looked at me with a very stern look.

I was positive he was fixen to yell at me when he busted out laughing! Then Kody-with-a-K started laughing and Pookie joined in. Then finally, Cody’s mom started laughing. After I thought about the incident from their point of view, I thought it was kind of funny too, so I started laughing!

We were all laughing pretty hard when Pookie’s owner came in and stared at us like we were crazy. We all stopped laughing, looked at each other, and then Kody-with-a-K and my boy started talking at once telling about my third Thanksgiving preparation.


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