The Joys of Being Home Schooled (And Living on a Farm!)!

So, today we had a very unique school day. Our neighbor’s horse got himself stuck halfway over our fence, which happens to have barbed-wire on it. So I am sure you would see the dire need in helping him out of his predicament.

Unfortunately, it took longer than we planned to remove him off of our fence, which ended in us having to cut the fence, take off a board, and tugging him over the remaining piece of fence. The poor horse had rubbed his skin raw on the barbed wire and was hurting pretty badly, so it took us a little bit to get him to move.

We finally had him off of the fence and back in his pasture, with the help of the neighbors, dad, and a family friend. They fixed the fence and took the horse to the barn, while we went inside to do a very small amount of school. Because we decided that the day had had a good amount of school. Let me explain.

We had to do Problem Solving to get the horse off of the fence without hurting him more, which also required Horse Anatomy. We also learned how to Repair a Fence, Keep Calm under a troublesome situation, and Teamwork. Not to mention, communicating with people you don’t understand, which is sort of challenging! We even discussed some History!

So I guess the only thing we really and truly lacked in was Math and Writing, so that is what we did when we returned to the house! I love being home schooled!


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