Chess’s Thanksgiving Day

Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Photo credit: Unknown)
Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Photo credit: Unknown)

Well, all of those Thanksgiving preparations finally paid off! I, Chess, am a very fat dog after eating all the food on Thanksgiving! Despite the fact that I lost quite a bit of pounds before this fantastic holiday, I am looking quite like myself again, and I am very happy with it!

The house is still decorated with the leafy boxes, but I think Cody is planning on taking those down and putting up Christmas decorations (which I can’t wait to help with!). And last but not least, definitely not least(!), the turkey was better than I ever dreamed! No, it wasn’t my turkey, but that’s all right, the one Cody and Kody-with-a-K got was probably better than mine anyways.

What was that? Oh, you want me to tell you about my entire Thanksgiving Day? Well, I suppose I could do that, but only a summary, I want to end my talk of Thanksgiving and begin my preparations for Christmas!

Thanksgiving was a very beautiful, sunny day, but very, very cold. I was shivering practically the whole day! The only part of the day that I wasn’t shivering, was when I was laying by the fire in the house, which was most of the day.

There was more food than I could possibly imagine and all of it was heavenly! Cody made sure I got to taste every last crumb, as long as it was not off of his plate. He gets kind of possessive of his food, especially at Thanksgiving, which is understandable. So he made sure I had plenty to eat!

After we ate lunch, we played all sorts of games, from tag to tackle football, only, football ended when I accidentally bit down to hard on the ball as I raced passed Cody and made a touchdown! Thats when I went inside and laid by the fireplace, you could say that the kids weren’t very happy when they couldn’t play football anymore, so I thought it would be wise just to go get warm for a while.

After the sun went down, I watched all the adults play different card games and the kids play crazy acting out games. After a few hours of games we all went to the living room to enjoy a movie and ate more dessert.

The relatives left a little at a time, so it was nearly midnight before me and Cody finally went upstairs and got ready for bed. We were both pretty tired after the long day so we fell asleep pretty quickly and I dreamed of all the food I ate!

Thanksgiving was an absolute blast! And I can’t wait for the next on! (After Christmas of course!)


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