Chess Gets Buried in the Snow!

Pookie the Mini Poodle. (Photo Credit dogbreedinfo.com)
Pookie the Mini Poodle. (Photo Credit dogbreedinfo.com)

Hi everyone! My name is Pookie The Poodle, but you can call me Pookie. I bet you are wondering why I am here instead of Chess, well, I thought it would be okay if I told a story about Chess (He’s outside with Cody and left the computer on, he said he’d be right back and that I had to stay out of trouble, so I have to make this story snappy. I don’t want Chess to get mad if I take to long!).

Our story begins with me riding in the car with Cody on my way over to Chess’s house. It is January and there is about a foot of snow outside, so I am glad Cody’s truck has a heater.

After the short car ride, we arrived at Chess’s house and I let Cody carry me into the house, after all the snow was taller than I am. Chess always makes fun of me for getting carried around, but I don’t let it bother me, he is just jealous because he’s too big to get carried.

Anyways, Cody walked across the yard and nearly tripped in the snow two or three times, but caught himself right before a very cold landing. I am guessing that the porch was very icy and slippery because Cody nearly tripped there too (or he’s just wearing shoes that are too big for him..). Once we made it across the icy porch still standing, Cody was holding me and was fixen to reach for the door handle when all the sudden, guess what happened! Chess bailed through the doggie door, lost his footing and went spinning across the porch! But he didn’t stop on the porch, he kept spinning and spinning and spinning until—

“Pookie what are you doing on my computer?!”

“Oh, uh, hi Chess! I’m just telling a story, like you.”

“About what?”

“What else? YOU!”


“Yesterday! When you went spinning of the porch and landed head-first into the snow and then that big pile of snow fell off of the porch and landed on your head! He he he that was the funniest thing I ever saw! You were nearly invisible under all that snow! Ha ha ha!”

“Scoot over Pookie, I need to make a great adjustment to your story.”

Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Photo credit: Unknown)
Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Photo credit: Unknown)

Hey everyone, Chess here to revise the above story, please regard everything you just read as false.

“But Chess, it’s not false, my story is entirely true.”

“Pookie, please scoot over so I can finish this story properly. Thank you.”

As I was saying, the above story is as false as a bunny hatching from an egg. The real story went like this:

I heard Cody and Pookie walking up the steps, or tripping up the steps, and went to make sure Cody didn’t slip, because I knew it would be icy. I very carefully stepped out of the doggie door and accidentally knocked Cody off-balance. He dropped Pookie and fell on his bottom.


“Pookie please. Let me finish.”

When Pookie tried to pick himself up off the ice-cold porch, he slipped. He kept  trying to stand, but kept slipping and before I knew what was happening, he slipped right off the porch and landed in the snow. But the snow stuck to his fluffy fur, so he started rolling down the hill and with every turn he became bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until he was a snowball as big as Cody’s truck!


“Well, Pookie the Mini Poodle your story was not right either. I certainly did not become victim of a slippery porch and you know it! I am far to heroic for that to randomly happen!”

“Well, if didn’t fall in the snow, and you didn’t fall in the snow, then who did fall in the snow?”

“Hmm…Good question Poo, who did fall in the snow, someone has to be the one falling in the snow besides you and me.”

“Oh, Oh Chess I know! Scoot over and let me re-re-write the story!”

Note from Pookie: Both stories from above have been properly stated as false since there is no evidence whatsoever providing that they are true.

“Wow Pookie, I like how that sounds, it sounds, um, scientific!”

“Thank you Chess, now keep quiet.”


The true story is:

Cody picked up Pookie so he could come over to hang out with Chess. It was cold outside so Pookie was glad Cody had heat in his truck. Cody carried Pookie across the yard and tried not to fall in the snow. When they got to the porch, they saw how icy and slippery it was. Cody carefully walked up the steps and lost his footing! But he caught it again before he fell.

“Oh this is good Pookie! Good!”

Right before Cody reached for the door handle, Chess bailed out of the doggie door–

“This better not be going in the same direction as before….”

“Chess please. Let me finish the story.”

Chess bailed out of the doggie door, knocked over Cody, who dropped Pookie and stopped right before falling in the snow. Pookie slid to the edge of the porch, but he also stopped before falling into the frigid powder. Cody slipped and slid and came to the edge of porch, where he teetered over the snow that was waiting for him to fall in. And then after what seemed like ages, a big, pink, fluffy bunny fell in the snow and Cody sat on his bottom at the edge of the porch!

“YES YES! Pookie you’re a natural! That was amazing!”

“Thank you Chess, now lets hurry and post this before the big, pink, fluffy bunny decides he wants to re-re-re-write the story!”

“Yes, I agree, one, two, three, POST!”


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