I am so looking forward to YFN this year! Yes, I know, we don’t go until July, but that is closer than it seems, I mean I can’t believe January is already practically over.

This year will be my 4th year to go to Youth For the Nations and I readily await for what the Lord has for me in 2014.

My 1st year’s theme was Human Olympics (or some such name..) in 2011. That year was mainly just for the experience, I vaguely remember anything that happened that year. But I do remember that I had one of the best dorm counselors!

My 2nd year’s theme was Accelerate the Jesus Movement. If you are reading this you probably recognize the name as my blog title. You see, that was the year God hinted that writing would be my future career. I say hinted because I had not had an absolute, positive confirmation that I would write until this year. But the idea started at YFN in 2012, so I came home from camp and started this blog literally a week or so later.

Last year’s (2013) theme was Worldwide, and to me, it was all about healing. I had a friendship healed as well as a physical healing in my knee. I was also so much closer to the Lord when we returned home.

I can’t wait to know what new experience God has for me this year at Youth For the Nations!


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