How Chess Met Cody

Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Photo credit: Unknown)
Chess the Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Photo credit: Unknown)

Hello my human friends! Today I will be telling the famous tale of how Cody and I met! This was going to be last week’s story, but Pookie turned it into more of a talk show, so, I’m telling it today. (I made sure that Pookie would not be coming over today….) So, let’s get started!

Some of you might recall from the very first story I ever told, that Cody and I used to live in the city, well, we did not actually meet in the city. We first met when Cody was visiting his cousins out in the country somewhere…(I was very little when we met, so I don’t remember places and stuff like that, but I remember everything else pretty well.). Ah, it feels like it was just yesterday.

I remember it being a fairly chilly morning, so I am going to make a safe guess that it was either winter or early spring, or maybe it was fall. Of course, living in Texas, it very well could have been right smack in the middle of summer. But for the sake of a well-remembered story, I will say early spring (because I think I remember flowers….).

Okay, so it was a fairly chilly morning in the early spring and I was a happy little puppy living in a barn on the Lazy J Ranch with my family. Why just about every ranch has the name Lazy in it I will never know, I would not put “lazy” on anything that had to do with work, that just doesn’t make sense. Anyways, I had 6 sisters and 1 brother, and we all lived there with our parents.

Me and my bro were the adventurous ones. We would round-up the chickens, chase the barn kittens, follow the ducklings to the pond and try to trick the mama duck into thinking we were her ducklings too(which never worked, she always found out that we were not ducks), and my very favorite thing ever! Steal a fresh, hot, steamy blackberry pie right off the table! Oh it was a blast!

My sisters would chase the barn kittens, but that was all they were interested in that was out-of-doors. You see, the folks that owned Lazy J had like….um…a lot of daughters that loved to play dress-up with my sisters. So they were always inside getting fitted to the newest fashion of doggie-clothing.

Anyways, this was my life for the first 5 months that I was alive. But, as we all got older, I saw each one of my puppy-mates go home with some new family until finally, only me and my sis, Cheesecake, were left. Cheesecake was my best friend, so I was glad that we weren’t separated.

But then along came Cody. He was coming out to visit all of his cousins and what’d’ya know he just loved me! He would always let me sleep at the end of his bed, he’d feed me table scraps, and he would make sure I came with him and his cousins everywhere they went. Of course Cheesecake came too, because the girls loved her as much as Cody loved me, so she was never left out.

Cody would leave, and then he’d come back again, and then he’d leave again. I always knew that when he visited he would have to go home again, but I never liked it. I would wine and bark and sulk and act like a complete infant every time he left. He would pet me, and say that he was sorry he had to go, but then he’d leave again. And I would continue to sulk until he came back for another visit, which could be months at a time.

Then, I always made a huge deal when he came to visit. I would run laps around the house, jump up and down while barking, spin and chase my tail, acting very much like Pookie does when he gets excited. Maybe that’s why I like the kid…

I’m not sure how long this went on, but my previous owners must have gotten tired of watching me sulk my life away, so they asked Cody if he wanted to take me home. Of course he had to ask his parents, but they said yes, so I really didn’t have to mention them. Anyways, he finished his visit and when the time came for him to go home, I packed up all my bones and toys, told my parents and Cheesecake goodbye, and went home with my boy Cody!

Living in the city was a huge change for me, but I hear Cody calling me for dinner, so I will have to tell that particular story another time.


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