Okay, I have a bit of a problem that I need some help from my readers to solve. In my book that I am currently writing, I have two characters that are “fighting” over the same name (never mind that it is pronounced slightly different from each one). They are both suited to the name I wish to give them, but I cannot decide who gets the name. So, I am going to describe these characters and I seriously need you to help choose who gets the name I chose and suggest names for the “loser” (please suggest as many as you can come up with!)!

“William” from A Queen is Knighted

Gender: Male

Age: 50ish……I haven’t decided on an actual age yet..

Occupation: Mean, cruel, naughty, naughty King of Willmington

Relations: Princess Kodie Lauraine (main character) and Prince Zachary the Third’s uncle (on their father’s side)

Characteristics: Deceiving, Tricky, Witty, Controlling, Abusive, and an amazing Actor!

William: I think King William of Willmington has a nice ring to it, as well as the meaning of William, which is “Strong-willed Warrior” I know perfect right? But…….

“Wilhelm” from A Queen is Knighted”

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Occupation: Prince Zachary the Third’s best friend, Prince of Realmsmenton, and Princess Kodie Lauraine’s suitor

Relations: Only child to Queen Roxane and King Felipe of Realmsmenton

Characteristics: Charming, Handsome, Prideful, Powerful Swordsman, Smart, and Deceiving

Wilhelm: I have always liked this name, not sure why, but I have. Wilhelm also means “strong-willed warrior” which I think suits him perfectly. “William” and “Wilhelm” have absolutely no relation to each other so I can’t make their names be that close without confusing someone (including myself…). I have thought of Lucas to replace Wilhelm, but I really, really, really want and need every one of your opinions! Please, please, please let me know what you think, new name for “William” or Wilhelm” and a replacement for the loser! I am counting on y’all! I can’t go any further in my book until I find a name!


1 thought on “Help!!!”

  1. Okay, so far it looks like “William” will win! I have had several people text me with suggested names to replace Wilhelm…..
    One thought Lucas suited his characteristics very well;
    One thought I should keep Wilhelm;
    and One suggested Eothain which means “war horse”.
    If any of you are in favor with these let me know;-)

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