Book Review: Love Stays True by Martha Rogers

Love Stays True

The Synopsis:

In April 1865, the day following the surrender at Appomattox, Manfred McDaniel Whiteman and his brother, Edward, are released in an exchange of prisoners. They are given a few provisions, and they begin a long journey to their home in Bayou Sara, Louisiana.

At home Sallie Dyer is waiting word of her beloved Manfred. Though just a young girl when Manfred left, Sallie has grown into a caring young woman who is determined to wait for her love—despite her father’s worries that she is wasting her life on someone who may never come home.

On their journey Manfred and his brother encounter storms and thieves and are even thrown in jail. Will he make the journey home before someone else claims Sallie’s hand?“

My Review:

First off, love, love, love the cover! It is soooo beautiful, I just stare at it!!!!

Okay, this is a very fascinating story. From what I understood of the author’s note, this book is based on her great-grandmother’s and great-grandfather’s story. I even think she used their real names as well as real things that happened to them. What makes it fiction however, is that she uses actual dialogue and she stated that she did exaggerate some of the incidents.

I have enjoyed reading it very much, although the story moves kind of slow. The characters are very well developed and understandable. Things that might keep the audience at an older level would be that one of the characters kills a man on accident and it is kind of descriptive, but other than that, nothing else that I can remember.

So, if you like historical books, this one is one for you!!

“I received this book from Realms publishing for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are my own.”


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