Today happens to be my 16th birthday, and with it comes lots of little changes to my life.

First: Last week I got my braces off! Yippy! (The best birthday present!!!!!!!)

Second: I dyed my hair a color called Malaysian Cherry. In the sun it looks bright red, almost orange, in the shade it looks dark purple, and in the house it looks black with a hint of red….The perfect hair I could have, for it is never the same!

Third: I updated my blog profile pic (I had to have a pic of me with new hair and no braces!!!)

Fourth: I updated my blog theme (did I see you roll your eyes and say, “Wonder how long this one’ll last”????)

Fifth: I have started my first annual weekly meme, Blog Recommendation Sunday (starting this next Sunday).

I can’t think of any other ones…..I was going to try to come up with sixteen, but I am a little bit away from that…….Anyways! Have a great day and enjoy the new things on my blog!


8 thoughts on “Change!”

    1. O my! I will have to post pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! How could I have forgotten???? I worked on the seats all day Tuesday and will continue working tomorrow…..Not meaning to brag or nothing, but they look awesome!!!!

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