Blog Recommendation Sunday #1

Even though I have had this blog for nearly 2 years (in July), I am still kind of new to the whole blogging thing, I’m telling you it’s a whole new world (I here you singing that Aladdin song!). I am still learning how to do the blog-hop things and weekly memes, but, I decided I would try to start a meme called Blog Recommendation Sunday. As the title implies I will try to post every Sunday with a new blog to recommend. Why did I choose this? Because there are some really encouraging and great blogs out there that don’t get much traffic, and I want to help these bloggers out by sending some people to them. The blogs I recommend will be blogs I read and follow and I will not recommend a blog unless I have asked permission from the author first.

So, the first annual Blog Recommendation is, A-Blog-From-The-Heart written by Virgina. Why I recommend this blog:

Virgina started following my blog a few months ago and I went and visited hers to see what she blogged about, after reading most of her posts, I followed her and have been spiritually encouraged and uplifted ever since.

A-Blog-From-The-Heart has Christian book reviews for popular authors like Tracie Peterson, Karen Witemeyer, and many, many others. It also features lots of pictures with scriptures that will encourage you throughout the day, heartfelt posts to young ladies, picture quotes, and many different things. I encourage you to go check it out and follow her, you won’t regret it!

If you have a blog, feel free to host this meme at your own website, all I ask is that you link back up to me. Thanks!


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