Book Review: Hacker by Ted Dekker


The Synopsis:

“My name is Nyah and I’m a hacker. I know things most people would never believe. Things that shouldn’t exist, but do.”

Seventeen year old Nyah Parks is a genius hacker who makes a living by cracking the firewalls of the world’s largest corporations. But when the biggest job of her life goes wrong she’s plunged into a desperate situation with only one way out: one last hack that will either save her or kill her. So begins Hacker, a modern day parable that examines the staggering world around us, the seen and unseen, and reminds us that there’s far more to who we are than meets the eye.”

My Review:

BEST BOOK IN THE SERIES!!!!!!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how absolutely fantastic this book is! Nyah is a great character and so well developed that I felt as if I could actually see and hear her in every sentence. I was also so excited to see a character from book 1, Eyes Wide Open, come back into play as one of the main characters here.

Throughout the series, Dekker only hinted about what had changed each character, but in Hacker, towards the very end, he explains in such a fantastic way Who was behind it all, in a way that will hit you between the eyes! And I have to say, Dekker wrote what has to be the best depiction of Heaven that I have ever read! He wrote it in a way that still left it mysterious but yet used the descriptions of the Bible to paint a picture that could never be painted! It was just wow!

This book, however, does need to stay at a teen level. There is some pretty detailed action (one being a car accident), and plenty of gun wounds. Also, lots of scenes that cause some serious heart-pounding moments……

But aside from the above, I recommend this book to everyone of my friends as a “YOU NEED TO READ THIS NEXT!!!!!!” However, read the series in order, trust me, read them in order!!!!!! My reviews to the first two books in the series are below, also, I posted an interview with Ted Dekker, so that link is below as well:

Eyes Wide Open Book Review (#1)

Water Walker Book Review (#2)

Interview With Ted Dekker

“I received this book from Worthy Publishing for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are my own.”


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