Blog Recommendation Sunday #4

Sorry, haven’t posted one of these in a while…..been busy! If you missed the last one, click here.

So, today’s Blog Recommendation is PaytonSadler written by, you guessed it, Payton!!!

Payton is my amazing cousin who has a really awesome passion for Creation and has posted some of his essays and speeches on his blog. He also enjoys photography and has a few of his pictures on there as well. He is a crazy homeschooler (like his older cousin…..) and is also crazy about pizza, buffalo wings and Techno music (being his cousin, I have a right to say this…..).

Disclaimer: Payton has been excessively busy with his Speech tournaments and other “extras” so he has not posted on his blog in, quite literally, over a year. He has hoped to get back to it, but it is not a top priority at this moment in time. Nevertheless, I encourage you to go read what he has posted, as I am sure you will enjoy it!

If you have a blog, feel free to host this on your own website, all I ask is that you link back up to me. Also, if you would like your blog to be hosted here, leave a comment and I will go check out your blog. Just know, I only recommend uplifting, wholesome, and preferably Christian blogs, so if your blog doesn’t meet the qualifications, I will not recommend you, thanks for understanding!


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