Book Review: Blind Trust by Sandra Orchard

Blind Trust

The Synopsis:

Kate Adams had no idea she was carrying counterfeit money, and she can’t believe that it came from her sweet neighbor. Or that it lands her in the middle of another one of Detective Tom Parker’s investigations. Determined to prove her neighbor’s innocence, Kate stumbles into a pit of intrigue that is far deeper than a two-bit counterfeit operation–and strikes too close to home for comfort. As family secrets come to light, her world–and her budding romance with Tom–begin to crumble. To Kate, it’s clear that she won’t be safe until she uncovers all of Port Aster’s secrets. But is it too late for her and Tom?
Award-winning author Sandra Orchard draws readers into a world of rogues, red herrings, and romance as she unfolds the continuing story of amateur sleuth Kate Adams.

My review:

Oh boy….just checked my schedule and realized that this review is late!!! So pardon the fact that the book is not completely finished….

The cover to this book is absolutely gorgeous! It’s filled with mystery and suspense! As for the plot, it is a great and enticing story filled with great and believable characters. However, I have not read the first book,so I had some trouble following the story because this book picks up, I am assuming, only months after the first book ends. This is the first book I have read by Sandra and I admire her writing. It flowed so smoothly and the details were excellent.

So therefor, I recommend this book to mi amigos as a bueno libro!!!

P.S. No idea what brought on the Spanish…….

“I received this book from Revell publishing for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are my own.”


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